Big Brother - The Sally Bercow Show!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. She did a good job of having the piss taken out of her on HIGNFY earlier in the year. Is she a real celeb or just after a few inches in the daily papers!

    Oh and i've not watched BB yet.

    And yes if she offered i would not say no!;-)
  2. Ho ho.... a few inches... time to make the obvious "joke" that she already has a few more inches than her husband, the Speaker of the House. I fear for his political future. Already (allegedly) heartedly disliked by those on the government benches, moderately tolerated by the Opposition and to my ill-trained eye completely lacking in the gravitas of the House (and so following the precedent of his predecessor). mrs B is quoted as sayting that she was appearing in this freak show to stick two fingers up to the system. Ummm, do you wish to publicly ridicule the "system" of which your husband is a visible symbol, Mrs B? I am reluctant to mention the former PM Mrs Thatcher in any forum (as it seems to ignite ingrained cultural responses across the whole spectrum of political opinion), but her husband was the very epitome of rectitude whilst she occupied a public position. Look and learn, Mrs B?
  3. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    There is a well known story (the truth of which I can't vouch for) concerning her rather diminutive husband. Apparently he was parking his car in the House of Commons car park when someone reversed into him. Bercow got out, looked at the damage and said; "I'm not happy".

    Whereupon one of the onlookers said in a stage whisper, "So which dwarf is he?"

    Bercow apparently had a sense of humour failure.

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  4. Also heard. Again allegedly, he is referred to in certain (tory) circles as either malignant or poisoned dwarf...... no smoke without fire, no Bercow without stack-heeled shoes....
  5. It was true, an old joke, David Cameron told it and Sally Berk o said that Cameron had to be Dopey in that case..snigger.

    But this is the best bit................

    :A charity which helps people with primordial dwarfism and other forms of restricted growth, the Walking With Giants Foundation, said the comments were a form of harassment — and called for talks with the Prime Minister.

    FFS! You couldn't make it up could you.
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  6. Apparently, this vacuous waste of space is donating her £100,000 fee for appearing to charity!
  7. She's a media whore. No better than any of the other Z listers that are prostituting themselves on this and other shows.

    She's really making her husband look like a fool, and he really doesn't appear to need much help in that matter.
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  8. The charity - Walking With Giants Foundation perchance?

    Now that would show a sense of humour!
  9. Apropos Mrs B's supposed £150,000 appearance fee, it is reported that 100K will go to a charity (One assumes not Walking with Giants), 30K to herself (doubtless for the suffering the poor lamb is to endure) and 20K..... wait for it..... to Max Clifford who she is reported to have retained in some media capacity. Now, the 100K I applaud, the 30K is understandable human frailty, but retaining Clifford is the act of a woman bent on carving out some sort of Z List noteriety... on top of the sheet-draped photo and revealing that the "power" her husband "wields" is an aphrodesiac to other women....... Oh Mother of Parliaments, truely we get the political "masters" that we deserve. If ever there was a cue for revolution......
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  10. Since nobody would have known her from a hole in the ground until her husband blagged the speaker's job, I would suggest she is milking it for all its worth. Her time in the sun will be short.

    She appears to have done little in life apart from lie to get a job.

    It says on wiki, so not an infallible source, that she hasn't sent her sprogs to grammar school because she is against the '11 plus' selection, I wonder if she sends them to the local comp, or has she gone down the Dianne Abbot route?

    Like the majority of the political classes she is a hypocritical liar of the first water, going from Con to Lab without batting an eyelid. She will do well in the cesspit of modern British politics.

    Hopefully the first BB test will the shower test with shower gel 'Zyklon B' (tm IG Farben.) I wouldn't imagine any of the contestants are educated enough to realise the consequences.
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  11. Who cares about what she says as long as she gets her tits out. The look on Mr Bercow's face the next day on PMQ's would be priceless especially if Cameron were to say "Mr Speaker allow me to express my admiration for your wife's cracking tits"
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  12. You seriously need to get a fucking life, there are plenty of fat birds that need shagging start there.
  13. I'd smash it all over the shop, and so would every other cnut on this forum. She's horn - in a kind of Anthea Turner on steroids kind of way. She's in this to win it - and she will. She'd be great in porn, and after this mularkey she'll hopefully end up in it.
  14. Would someone please smash the back doors in then hers followed by Jedwards head.
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  15. You wrote that as if you meant it in a good way...


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