Big Brother state?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hogspawn, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. Isn't that what its supposed to do?
  2. I think you'd just get a lot of camera operatives having "the bird" flipped at them from the young hoodie fukwits.
  3. Stalin would be proud
  4. I would expect to be talked at if I were an intruder as per the link you posted, not going about my lawful business being watched .....just incase I did something wrong.

    FFS, Orwell will be turning in his grave.
  5. This is what I was getting at. You could be just sat there reading a paper and some muppet in the cctv booth is just watching you waiting for you to drop it.

    At 25k a pop wouldnt you rather your extortionate council tax was spent on weekly rubbish collections, street cleaning etc?
  6. I seem to remember seeing on the news that they tried these cameras in Manchester about a year ago, and once the novelty wore off, the fuckwits and dolescum reclaimed the city centre after dark.
  7. George Orwell was an optimist. There's no hope, as I see it, if the technology for 24/7 monitoring of all people exists, it's going to be used, no matter which government is in power. The technology does exist, therefore, it will be used. Doesn't mean I have to like it though...!
  8. Im just sick of Nanny state interference, there's a better solution than these poxy cameras,

    "you are being monitored"

    "eat less salt,fat,sugar,carbs etc"

    "dont smoke"

    "dont drink more than a thimble full of booze a week"

    "Do your tax forms on time or we'll butt feck you sideways"

    "Tax your car or we'll kill your kids and burn your hamster"

    "Dont be a porky fecker or your co'ck will fall off and turn into an exploding fish"

    even on the train...."Keep your feet off the seats or you'll get a criminal record"

    A criminal record for putting your feet on the seats! I know of people who've got a police caution for touching young girls up and there are people with criminal records for this cr@p!

    The country's gone mad!

    Instead of talking CCTV get some cops (real ones) out there on foot patrol to keep the chavs in line.
  9. Proper police with heavy truncheons, pointy hats and supportive bosses.
  10. :lol:


    Ha Ha!

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  11. As usual another way of the government keeping an eye on all the law abiding citizens. The criminals needn't worry though, it's only the registered, taxed and insured motorists that ever get convicted of going 3mph to fast
  12. Big Brother State eh?
    Has potential. We could ring up and have those that we dont like evicted and Davina McCall (spelling?) could kick the undesirables into the English Channel
  13. All this stuff with cameras and invasive data collection only goes to show just how terrified this repressive Gumint is of the ordinary citizens of these islands. It follows that if you are fearfull or feel threatened, then you lash out in all directions and try to cow the people you fear by demonstrations of "power". Well, I say that it is E who have the ultimate power and I feel sure we shall evict this gang of misbegotten Jacks in Office ver soon and in very short order.

    God Save the Queen.