Big Brother racist!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by schoolstaffinstructor, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. I didn't think anything involved in BB was intelligent enough to be racist.

  2. Well... She is from Essex.
  3. Hear similar everyday within the "Army environment" and we're not a racist organisation...........

    I blame the PC Fuzzywuzzies....
  4. It’s degrading trash TV for dozy bints and chavs, what exactly did they expect.
    Burn the house down with those mong contestants in it, I might tune in to watch that.
  5. It's a case of the contestants being too thick and ignorant to realise when their behaviour is unacceptable. The way they behave can be compared to a pet that has not been house trained, the pet does not know that crapping all over the carpet is not acceptable so it does it.

    I'm affraid the only answer is to line them all up and administer each of them with a 5.56 injection to the forehead.

  6. Now maybe i'm missing something...

    SHE IS FCUKING INDIAN :shakefist:
  7. My missus watches this shite; so I'm forced to as well. From what I can gather, it's not racist abuse; she's the BB's version of the course arrsehole; the one that winds up everyone through a grating personality and eventually ends up getting filled in.

    However, they should really step in, put tyres round all their necks then set light to them just to ensure racial harmony. Oh, and use Davina as the fire lighter, the cnut.
  8. I think this is quite amusing,

    The biggest problem is that some people have fallen out in the house, just becuase on is Indian it has now turned into a racist event.

    How is it racist to point out the difficulties that they are facing and the basic issues that cause them.

    There has been discussions as to the differences betweent hem, and for some has been a big learning curve, but calling this racism is denying the fact that differences exist! Which is surely racist in itself!
  9. So bullying means that you don't like someone.... feck me I'm a complete bully then!
  10. I am sorry to say I watched the bit when they all went in and I thought at the time that 'The Indian' was a bit big for her boots. Too used to the adulation an' all that. I thought, 'her attitude is not going to go down well with the chavs'.

    Maybe being called 'The Indian' is a polite way of saying 'snooty b*tch'.
  11. I think BB is a great example of Equal Opportunities: they're all bleddy awful irrespective of gender, age or ethnicity!
  12. I know I'm a sad man but I enjoyed it last year watching Galloway make a total tw@ out of himself but this year al the Brits are represented by complete fcukwits making complete bellends out of themselves in front of Face from the A Team. I cant watch due to the embarrasment and am waiting for the new series of Life on Mars.
  13. Drives me insane all this Racism bullsh*t !!
    Surely if you can't turn round to someone and tell them to feck off if they're giving you abit of jip then you shouldnt leave the house.
    I don't get it at all if someone called me a white so and so I wouldn't go bleating. However BB is for the brainless chavs of this country.
    Caught abit of that follow on programme with that crazy haired,tight jeans wearing spanner and half the audience were fat obviously single girls with celebrity guest Vanessa Feltz says it all.
    Fat girls with no social life.

  14. Yeah, but Mr.Motivator was on there last week...