Big Brother massacre fantasies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taz_786, Jun 7, 2008.

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  1. Burn the house down, nice and simple.

  2. Gun and grenade attack

  3. Taint the tap water with slow-acting poison

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  4. Let loose a few hungry tigers in the house

  5. Con a few Crabs (or Spams) into an airstrike

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  6. A mob of ARRSErs overwhelm security and beat them all to death

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  1. Tried to avoid it but it's impossible to avoid yet another horrible shower of utter cnuts overshadowing your summer...kill em...kill em all :x

    Prefer the arson option myself...any other suggestions welcome!
  2. Where is the "all of the above" option?? :)
  3. Anyone got a ruck sack ?
  4. I propose that a large group of arrsers seize control of a few Warriors.
    Drive up to the BB gates in an assault type formation.
    First of all the large crowds of mlaaring civvies will have to be crushed to death.
    Yes I know they are unarmed, however they are fanatics (in some cases extremists) and therefore deserve it.
    Next up will be the 'security' gaurds.
    I propose a large volley of fire from the chain guns to take care of these numpties who seem to wonder round as though they are gaurding the President of the the USA, bloody drama queens.
    Then into the compound itself, the 30mm Rarden should soon get through the gates and then the fun begins.
    The platoon will immediately dismount with Bayonets fitted and round up the fcukwits.
    Impromptu stabbing of the limbs and extremities is allowed. As long as they remain alive for the final show.
    They will first of all be stripped naked and gagged and left in the middle of the garden surrounded by angry arrsers.
    As if by magic The Lord Flasheart will appear in the sky, flying a cab of his choice. Upon landing, MDN will step out dressed in his finest ensemble and armed with all manner of dildo's.
    He will seek to act the publics revenge on the 'housemates' in which ever way pleases him most. Of course the TV execs will be forced to continue broadcasting.
    With luck after MDN's revenge, the majority of the housemates will have died through bloodloss out of the anus. Those left alive will be shot, lots.
    Then for that cow Davina.
    Of course she will suffer a classic gangraping. To finish her off, a 30mm round to the head.

    Yes its late and im bored :D

  6. Tigers ... would be the most entertaining to watch.


  7. "We must wipe them out. Pig after pig; cow after cow; village after village; army after army.

    They lie, and we must be merciful with those who lie - those nabobs.

    I hate them. I do hate them."
  8. No No No No No fcuking No!!!!

    No Big Brother chat in the NAAFI

    Join a Hate forum or a fan forum, not the NAAFI, its forbidden and will result in full scale ultra violence.

    Stop it!
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Not open for further replies.