Big Brother - Kinga the Minger & a wine bottle

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Pox_Dr, Aug 2, 2005.

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  1. First thing first, yes I’m sad I’ve been watching BB .

    However I feel a young lady has earned the respect of every red blooded squaddy I’ve ever known & I feel this should not go unrewarded.

    The young lady (beast) enjoyed the company of a wine bottle to night, much to my glee , not only once but a number of times.

    I feel that at least this event should be enshrined in ARRSE as a young lady willing to go that extra bit to entertain the men in her life or those 300000 plus watching her.

    Now watch me get flamed, fire retardent kit on, wait for the sad comments.
  2. Indeed!
  3. *smirks*

    OK, guess it's a pot, kettle, black scenario since we don't actually have a telly - brain-eating non-intellectual stupido monsters they are. :lol:

    So, what's this Big Brother thing, other than a novel by George Orwell?
  4. Big Brother is watching you
  5. They should all be put down by a vet. (Yes, I did witness the mound of the hound of the Baskervilles ramming a bottle of blue nun up her clack and it made me want to take an automatic weapon out and 'sterilise' half the country).
  6. Buy a telly and find out! :)
    I bet you haven't got any kids, You expect them to learn with out our master T.V
  7. I thought the look on Anthonys face at program close was priceless. Kinga is a bit kringeworthy though, even by my standards!
  8. The following comes from MSN, when I showed a picture of the beast to an American freind:

    "Is it eating something?"
    or is it just that ugly?

    He also seemed to react negativly when I explained what she'd done.... no supprise there then.
  9. Pictures - there must be pictures somewhere.