Big brother is watching... from space.

If they can catch me here.... the usual bribe here for a speed cop to p!ss off is about 3 dollars.
Its not a flying speed camera, its simply using GPS and numberplate recognition, with a little bit of speed = Distance/Time, to grab more money from the motorist.

I really wish we have weather dependant speed limits like in France, that would really bugger up this system, and other motorway speed cameras to boot!
Faustic said:
Just read this article from the Telegraph

A new type of speed cameras which can use satellites to measure average speed over long distances are being tested in Britain.
In a time when the country has no money, we're sending up flying speed cameras. Great. Exactly what we need 8O
The communists just can`t resist every new gadget to spy on it`s citizens.

Remember this on May the 6th.Do NOT vote Labour.


It's a space money making tool designed to fleece you!
While we are on the subject of Big Brother in space ...... Turn the Hubble space telescope on to the earth and it can tell the time on your watch!!!

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