Big Brother is a Pervert

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Mar 12, 2005.

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  1. Well, I guess this marks the end of ' privacy '..

    oh, sure, a London judge banned the broadcast of video footage of Elizabeth Jagger [ daughter of you know who ] engaging in ' sexual activities ' with her boyfriend of the moment at a London nightclub...Seems the surveillance cmaeras caught them in the ' act ' and the club manager, one John darling , thought maybe he'd cash in and make a little more than the usual profit margins by flogging said tape on the W.W.W....

    Lizzie claimed an ' expectation of privacy ', didn't see the camera , etc..that's what you get for boinking in the halls of a busy public club...

    meanwhile Fred Durst of Limp Biskit apparently isn't happy that some webprenuers are showing that he isn't , limp, thqat is...He's suing 10 websites for running a ' homemade sextape ' that was ' stolen ' from his home computer [ purely recreational , your honour, not meant for public consumptions, private enjoyment, etc.. ]

    He must be really good in it, because he's asking for a $ 70 Million US payout [ funny that he had secured copyright to the video before filing his lawsuit, though, if it was never intended for ' release ' - other than his own - he - in the privacy of his home ]

    Just goes to show you that you can no longer have sex in a parking lot/garage, in front of an ATM, behind the counter at a 7/11..or even in the streets, as there's likely to be a camera turned your way...even your own little webworld isn't safe..

    Time to move into that cave...

    This is a web cam overlooking the baech at Mt Maunganui in New Zealand, you can control the view and the magnification to have a good look around. This caused a bit of a stir when it was installed at the begining of summer as privicy issues were raised.

    The company which runs the cam said these fears were unfounded as people would use it to look at the weather, sunset, and the surf conditions and NOT to perv at the totty sunbathing on the beach.

    He obviously had not heard of ARRSE :D
  3. Company I worked for had cctv on rear cargo area. Infra red lighting. This space was used by ladies of the night. Any time after dark there was always a crowd at the security desk.
  4. It's supprising how long it take people to work this out.

    One Site where I worked the other guards had a video tape that they used to put in to record the goings on in the quiet carpark at the back of the site.

    They filled all 3 hours of it up untill those nasty manger types put barriers on the car park.

    It's odd realy, nearly every security guard (Yes I do too) has some stories to tell about people getting frisky and getting caught by the nosy Security guard....
  5. You don't secure copyright - it's yours automatically, although the burden of proof is on you to prove it (which is easy with a computer, since the video is probably timestamped)