Big Brother here again.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by FNUSNU, May 18, 2006.

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  1. Yes it is great!

  2. Not bothered either way.

  3. No it is crap.

  4. I hope they all die too!

  1. Already I hate them all and hope they all get killed in a freak baking accident. Apart from the self obsessed airhead tart Nikki. Hopefully she'll do what she says she loves and get naked all the time and end her 6 month quest for a sh@g. She can expire when the series has ended in a freak 'winning ceremony' accident.
  2. FNUSNU, *ahem*, you know we dont talk about this junk on here dont you?
  3. Its like mong wars, you know theres going to be fight, they have filled it with posh gits, hyper gays, a mong, sexual terrorists and a woman that looks like a man.
  4. Do you share a house with Bennet?

    Fcuking Homos
  5. Sorry, is there anywhere it can be moved to? or just delete if you like, I wont cry honest!
  6. true but some of us need a place to vent our frustration caused by the popularity of this show populated by cnuts, though the terets fella should be good for a laugh, he seems like a loon
  7. "sexual terrorist"? does he mean a rapist?
  8. Flush hard and long, its uphill to Dales gaff and shes toppers with harry monk.....
  9. I was starting to ponder that question....
  10. I just caught some of it while grinding paperwork tonight. WTF is the Brokeback cowboy doing on the show? Gay as a maypole and twice as ugly 8)

    The tart in the susps looks as though she should be a brain donor and still survive following surgery. Life outside the wire must be duller than I thought and experienced.

  11. Entirely hypothetical questions... but what would happen if you called in a bomb warning to Channel4 claiming there was a prospect of imminant death for those in the BB house... think they'd evac it?

  12. If you put on a Arabic voice and said 'Jihad' a few times then it might work.