Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by thegimp, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. Am I the only F++++R here that watchs big brother
    Tonights viewing was jaw dropping, cruel and unusual and excellently devisive. These people are being destroyed psychogical

    Yes its a military site and we are all rufty tufties but I'm sure some of you are in denial, go on be a man, admit it let it all out.

    Plenty to rant about just spent an hour cursing that Fire alarm bird who shagged Sven. she keeps squealing about "the bloody English" I thought she was English!!! weasel

    My excuse is it gives me something to talk to the bird about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its only a thread go on vent it!!

  2. Well I might be stepping out of a 'reality TV' closet here, but I'm awake at this hour so yes, I did watch it. Personally I thought it was quite out of order, but that just made it funny. Pity though because I think Goldy Lookin Chain are the mutts', oh and Dennis Rodman was something of a boyhood hero to me.
  3. sad, you should both be down at the railway station collecting numbers!
  4. OK, have to agree....My name is Oneshot and Im a BB Addict. The problem is, I know it is car crash TV but I still feel compelled to watch it.

    Had to hide behind a cusion though when that Elderly actress lady almost got her babps out during the rock and roll party!!!! Not a good image.
  5. Police have just entered the big brother house and seized Pete Burns "Gorrila" coat

    You couldn't make this s++t up!

  6. I was pretty hung over at the weekend when I awoke on the sofa at a mate’s house. I was treated to Barrymore ranting about, well ranting really, to two slappers. I kind of lost the will to live at this point as he was very loud and very repetitive and thankfully I fell back to sleep. When I awoke they were gone, replaced by the playboy channel. Which was nice. Alas it was only some crappy infomercials.

    Am I missing much and should I make the effort to watch?