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Big Brother comes closer!

Just had this sent to me.It seems by typing in your name,they will the search the entire interweb and find references to you!
I tried it,and it came up with things I had totally forgotten I had written or been involvedwith.Be afraid,be very afraid!

Apparently I wrote a book on the Vikings and according to my facebook page am in a soul band. My girlfriend's rather tasty as well.

That schizophrenia's a right pain, you know. I agree.
vvaannmmaann said:
All_I_Want said:
vvaannmmaann said:
Be afraid,be very afraid!


Yes, if you are stupid enough to throw your name all over t'interweb.....
Mine came up on an advert I wrote 4 years ago,for a house we were selling.
So Big Brother has not infact come closer, you have just typed your name into a search engine which has found an ad that you yourself put up on the internet 4 years ago?

Am I missing the point of this thread?

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