Big Brother Cars

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Detonator, Apr 11, 2009.

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  2. One of my big brothers has got a Jaguar and the other one drives a BMW; I drive a Vauxhall.

    How about the rest of you?
  3. You dipped then didnt you? :lol:
  4. I've come up with a fantastic way to foil these nefarious schemes, and it's so simple any idiot can do it.

    You just give your full attention to controlling your vehicle at all times.

    On second thoughts, the evidence is that any idiot can't.
  5. Will it just target bmw and lorry drivers ?
  6. Saw these in London. I don't like it.
  7. I'm all for people driving safely, but what are they saying is an offence?

    Scratching your ear?

    It's all a bit to vague. All of the above involve a driver taking their hand off the steering wheel for a brief couple of seconds and all are natural reactions and therefore unavoidable. So what determines these as being any less, or greater, distraction than simply turning up the volume on the radio..?

    It just stinks of the same old attitude imposed by the Zanu-Labour Government as treating all as guilty until proven otherwise and just completely avoids the issue that driving training standards in the UK are set to low.

    The old addage of, 'Passing your test is just the start of it', is the root of all the problems. So instead of accepting that as a way of life, further post-test training should be made compulsory. We have one of the most unpredictable weather systems of anywhere on the planet yet our driving 'TO's' fail to reflect it.
  8. The Plastic Plod at the end admitted they are storing video of people who haven't committed any offence, surely that's a breach of the Human Rights Act?
  9. I note that some of the Int guys 'up north' have top end BMs and Audis to ride around in.Much in evidence last week.Don't stint yourselves chaps.
  10. pandaplodder, my thoughts exactly. The plod are recording the activities of all motorists in the relevant areas and prosecuting on the basis of any, no matter what the context, image they think might get a result. How long do they store this data and how do they analyse it ?

    Oh and don't forget the, what the fook is that camera doing there, distraction effect on road safety.

    Knuts :x
  11. Just another Cash-Cow. Just like the fixed speed cameras that cause more accidents than they prevent, but raise millions in fines regardless of the mayhem that they leave in their wake.
  12. I sure did. Spot the one who's still serving...

    Not that I'm bitter or anything. :crying:
  13. We should all be fighting this kind of thing. Read some of the stuff on this site and see how Councils are using motorists as cash cows.
  14. if you use a mobile phone at the wheel you deserve all you get would be even better if the fine sent out said you were subsidizing lesbian asslyum seeker workshops on how to claim benefits :twisted:
    just to rub it in :D