Big Brother Britain: How much do you earn? Are you gay?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ViolentBadger, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. Big Brother Britain: How much do you earn? Are you gay? Town Hall chiefs have been ordered to find out.

    This useless Goverment are after yet more info to go into thier files, which we all know are safe and secure......

    "Every town hall has been ordered to send out surveys demanding local residents' personal information and opinions.

    The forms will ask householders to give details of their children, mortgage, ethnic background, religion and sexual orientation.

    Ministers have even given instructions that local councils must try to disguise their involvement in the survey to avoid attracting criticism.

    And they have ruled that the questioning must be paid for out of council tax and carried out every two years.

    The New Place Survey - which is expected to be launched next autumn after trials in the spring - is likely to cost at least £15million by 2012.

    According to a consultation paper distributed by Communities Secretary Hazel Blears, the justification for the survey is that it will let the Government know if councils are hitting scores of new targets imposed on them in the last six months."

    well they can stuff off I'm not filling the form in.
  2. Just fill it in wrong. If you say you're disabled, from Burkina Faso and have eighteen children there might be some benefits on their way to you!
  3. And the results will be compressed onto 2 CDs and lost in the post ...
  4. I look forward to changing my religion, gender orientation, mortgage size, number of children and ethnic background every two years.
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  6. I think i am going to be a toaster from mars.
  7. Bristol seems to be ahead of the game on this, they've been doing door to door surveys for a while now.
    The main questions seem to be education based as to why a lot of people send their kids to schools outside of the city. The reason 'because I want my kids to be taught in English, celebrate Christmas and not having the fact that as white English pupils their ancestors are responsible for all the race problems in the city’ does not go down well with some ethnic canvasser on a council tax subsidised job creation scheme.
    Door slammed!
  8. Bugger!

    I was just getting nicely wound up....

    And breathe....

    Ah well, I suppose I'll have to fall back on the old tactic and remind myself that my misses' sister is by far the more attractive one after all these years. She's almost 40 and fit as fook, single, can get the whole of her own fist in her mouth, smells nice, has her own money......

    All righty... Oi! Yes you, you little baztard!....
    Excellent. I am cruisin' now...........

  9. just answer them all in the wrong sequence

    Q1 how much do you earn
    A certainly not

    Q2 are you gay
    A 1800 a month after the government have had their share

    etc etc etc
  10. thank Fukc I still have a home address in chilly porridge wog land, where quite honestly there are not nearly as many ethnic groups as down here in Englandshire
  11. Why aren't you out shooting Brazilians?

    Me abrupt? Would I? :oops:

    Have a good one mate