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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chocolate_frog, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. I'm not watching this pap. As I haven't watched the previous offerings. But this time the concept has perked my interest.

    If you were given a day/week to do what ever you wanted to/with the "house mates", that are desperate enough for attention to play this daft game, what would YOU do.

    According to MSN, Matt Lucas is the first celebrity and has made someone cut about with a daft hat and a ear phone. The drone has to do everything Matt says, and say everything Matt says or something.

    I think that's a bit lame.

    Suggestions below :twisted:
  2. If there are any fit women in the house..... get naked and lezz it up.
  3. Get one of them to stab all the others in the head, then cut his wrists.
  4. Get the useless cnuts to follow the Jim Jones at Jonestown example.
  5. Each and every one of them simultaneously go on a killing spree, but leave them only blunt instruments and string.
  6. Wa.nk in the soup and then tell them after they have eaten it! Try and hang out the back of the fittiest bords as much as poss and try and to get a threesome :twisted:
  7. make male A rape all the other housemates on the first night. Then leave em all together for a few weeks.
  8. Give them a selection of sharp pointy weapon and declare "last man standing!".

    Yes, it’s cruel, twisted and perverted but I bet the TV rating will have never been nor will ever be as good again.

    Good sponsorship opportunities for Kershaw, Gerber, Cold Steel or even the odd chainsaw manufacturer.

    “Look how much more bone our flesh ripper 2000 is able to slice through over our nearest competitor”.
  9. Make the tasks the same as on SAW!
  10. Lock all the doors and transport the house to Kenya with a big sign on top reading "Women and Children Inside".
  11. On a slight tangent but in same vein - saw a movie the other night called 'My Little Eye' about contestants that signed up for a BB type experience in a house in the middle of nowhere and were being watched over t'internet - turns out it was some sort of snuff site where clients were paying $$$$$$ to watch them get killed. Couldn't help thinking it would be a superb programme, would be top of the ratings!
  12. Stick the fückers in a brit mil version of a bootcamp.

    Drill & büllshit = Guards
    Physical side = Paras
    Complaints = RMP

    Any other suggestions ? :twisted:
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Most of the suggestions so far would lead to a very short series. I suggest that they are each told to get naked, soap up and then told 'last man standing'.

    It'll take ages for them to kill each other, and we'll get weeks of frapping off for the privelage.
  14. Naked twister with washing up liquid all over the map thingy, the winner gets to choose whether to kill or have deviant sex with the losers :D
  15. I would like to see a more satirical side introduced to the house.This would involve all the housemates shiting onto plate's and then seeing who can finger-sculp the dung into a witty political statement.