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You can't expose me in here, because I will beat you to it!!  You see, Godfrey is really (takes off mask to reveal true identity) ME!!!!!  Ha! Ha!  Didn't expect that, did you?  And now that the world knows my true identity, it's time to retire... :D
Chicken, ask WFB as it appears he is rather fond of farm animals.

Looing at the current posts it is hardly surprising that SNM is well ahead. Perhaps he should be more mature and adopt a less confrontational approach.
Most excellent...I havent got any votes!!!  8)...erm yet :-/
Is SNM actually a user? he's always signed in as a guest. could be any of you really, or me - although subnet masking sends me to sleep within 5 seconds, so i'd never have time to tap out a reply :-/
Lets get rid of

Subnet_Mask and the SDBA and the SNr Ap Op
Glad I am not down on the Adv Trg on the Adv Party they R ****&&ers
RCD please leave the BB fact F**kit..please leave the CORPS !!!!!!!!!!!

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