Big Brother and the British Slave trade

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by chimp503, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. I have just watched the BBC Bristol regional news. It was reporting on this bint from BB who lives in Bristol btw, who used the "N" word to a black girl. (note no names as I do not watch BB).

    The report asked people in Bristol what they thought , to a man (and woman) every one of them refered to the Slave this is really P"ssing me off - when are WE the jo public going to be given a break from something that happend 150 years ago... and has nothing, but nothing to do with anyone of us.... My rant goes further... there was another report on the same news of a man sent to prison for an assualt on a Black man. This assualt was racially agrrevated hence the prison term, my point here is that every assualt on a black person is deemed racial, but the other way round is not.......... Are we getting to the point where a white person dare not speak or look at someone of a diffferent culture or colour for fear of being raceist????
  2. Yup, I think you got it. the anniversary of the ABOLITION of the slave trade in this country was celebrated by beating ourselves up about how bad slavery was WE FCKING KNOW THAT, THATS WHY WE WERE THE FCKING NATION THAT FIRST ABOLISED IT AND THEN EMPLOYED OUR NAVY TO ENFORCE AND PROTECT WOULD BE SLAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I thank you.
  3. That as you say seems to slip the mind of most people doesn't it. I wonder why....
  4. Another thing that is never mentioned is that white men went to the coast and bought black slaves from other blacks, very rarely did they go into the interior and caopture them themselves. I believe the worst people for rounding them up and transporting them to the coast were in fact Arabs.
  5. Rightly or wrongly if you deem an attack on a black person as racist because he was called the N word during the assualt then surely an attack on a Welsh person by a Scot/English/Irish/Black person who screams sheep shagging tawt as he hits him should be racist also?? But is clearly not.
  6. Wholeheardtedly agree. Racism still exists today but racial abuse to black people is much more reported on.

    As for the 'N' word, bloody hell, the wannabe thugs and rappers (music that i love very much i might add) use it in every other lyric (slight exageration) but cry wolf when a white person says it.

    Ive know a couple of white people who have been called a Honky and a Cracker. Can you imagine going to the police and saying so and so has called me a honky??!! Police would piss themselves.
  7. The N word I believe derived from the country of Niger and the river that runs through it, I always thought through my education the N word was soley used by blacks to blacks so is not deemed an abhorant word - just watch all those 1950's american films where it is used as a normal word for a black person - Not that i condone that, as I personally hate the word anyway but I was brought up not to say that word as its was considered offensive... that is where we have gone wrong.. Education Education Education...just the wrong kind of Education
  8. Noone's come and personally bugged you about it so I dont why you're mouthing off.
  9. What fcuking plane have you just stepped off you pr*ck..If you read my message you clearly see it p*ssed me off and as this IS A DISCUSSION FORUM, i am discussing it...if you dont like it dont Fcuking post
  10. Oh come on, BB and the slave trade? Hardly current affairs is it...

    To the Int Cell mods!
  11. Well ummm yes they have, my sisters ex and all his mates used to call her a honky, she found that offensive but decided to discuss it with me. Oh and 'another white girl to fuck and chuck'.
  12. As it not just happend on it not just been reported on the my mind that is Current affairs...unfortunately
  13. Was in Portsmouth last week for a couple of days Took the missus round Victory and Warrior and stepped into the Slavery museum. Really confirmed my beliefs.
    There was a extract read by an actor from the King of Ghana (or some country cant really remember) at the time who said that his country couldnt survive without him selling his kinfolk. The Americans were paying him 2000 dollars a year.
    We did more than most of the know world to stamp it out,so be proud of what we did and ignore the lamenting idiots who cry foul every two minutes!
  14. On that note.. im off for a dip in my swimming pool before hustle starts on bbc1......... am I a slave to the tv or pun intended, btw it is blinking boiling out here and its 9pm
  15. Is it not to do with the Spanish word for Black?

    I believe this is where it comes from, and is a bastardised version of it. The Spanish were pretty handy in the Slave trade also, as were the French and obviously GB. The USA were obviously the biggest slave traders, but would this not count as a hangover from the Colonial British rule that they had, and also the Fench colonial rule they had in the deep south?