Big Brother 2006

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bennett, May 18, 2006.

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  1. Bonnie (Annoying gobby)

    Pete (Tourettes sufferer should be funny. Could be an arrse favorite, rock singer)

    George (Slone Ranger, homophobe)

    Shabaz ("Scots, Paki poof" "Not all gay Muslims are terrorists")

    Lea (Loads of plastic surgery)

    Imogen (Former Miss Wales)

    Mikey (Pretty Boy, Misogynist, homophobe)

    Dawn (Angry, Loner “popular peoples front”)

    Glyn (Welsh nudist, “I’m number one”, hates posh people)

    Richard (Canadian, man eater, likes soldiers and firemen, “sexual terrorist”)

    Grace (Posh Totty, party animal, another Slone Ranger)

    Lisa (“Brilliant” “common Chinese” 30 a day)

    Sezer (City Trader, Lover boy, shaves his arrse)

    Nikki (gobby, gold-digger, “Best bum ever” “everyone loves me and those who don’t are wrong” wants to be posh)

    Well it looks slightly more interesting than previous years, but we will see what happens (Doubtless this will hit the arrse hole pretty fast.)
  2. I move that the Mods move this sh*te and any other mention of this sh*thouse programme immediately to the Arrsehole

    All those in favour??
  3. Fcuking kill yourself you student cnut.
  4. You sad Ba****d. You must have being taking notes whilst it was on
  5. Aye.

    Bennett along with the retards in Big fucking Brother should be gassed like badgers then beaten to death with a fishing boat.
  6. If you've been watching it, don't admit it, and for the love of God, don't take bloody notes.
  7. Read my above comment and apply to yourself.
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  9. Aye
  10. Aye. Just sat through it because my flatmates wouldn't relinquish the remote and I'll be damned if I'll be made to leave my own living room. Imbeciles and idiots, to a man and woman.
  11. Aye
  12. Throw them out then if you have such strong feelings against your flat mates.

  13. :D loving your mong tv thing as well flashy.
  14. Obviously AFTER you've bummed the bird to within an inch of her life.
  15. Aye. Burn all contestants and those that watch this freak show. I was almost tempted when I saw the word "tourettes", but it'd be funnier if there were more of them - to bounce off each other (literally or in the grammatical/spoken sense)