Big, brave Australia...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Awol, Feb 24, 2005.

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  1. Sorry old man but I'm with the Aussies on this one.
    She's there illegally, doesn't matter if she's 24 or 104 same laws should apply.
  2. Ditto. However, if she was too frail for any airline to fly her back to China ten years ago, which airline do they think will take her now :?:
  3. This is nonsense! She may be there illegally now but had a visa allowing her to be in that location. Since this has run out, the bureaucrats have got into top gear. She has nowhere else to go and no family. With a high profile human rights lawyer manipulating the media in the correct way, 10-1 says she stays.
  4. Gotta disagree Biscuits. She arrived legitimately, tried her best to get home and was refused carriage by the airlines, not her fault. She was also then granted bridging visas in the meantime. God know what possessed the bureaucrats to suddenly get nasty at this stage, the problem would have disappeared naturally in a year or two at the most anyway. It could have been a PR triumph for the government in allowing her to stay, instead even the most diehard opponent of immigration is going to baulk at chucking out an old dear of 104.

    Anyway, regardless of the legality of her case, she should be granted leave to stay on humanitarian grounds. Nazi war criminals are excused trial on age grounds, so I'm sure a little 4 stone chinese woman could be allowed to stay in what is one of the richest countries in the world for the next 18 month.
  5. You may be right... Wouldn't count on it though.
    It's an issue on which the Aussies don't appear to give an XXXX for "world opinion"
    If they want you to be in their country they'll let you know.
  6. We've always had strong policy in immigrants. The fact that we sent the SASR in to deal with illegal immo's says it all in my opinion. We're a fantastic country who's economy is becoming stronger than it has ever been, why tarnish it with people who put as much effort into coming illegitimately as those who put effort into coming legitamtely!

    Frankly I'm getting sick of Australians being full of everyone but Australians. Apparently within 20 years Australia will be 1/3 Asian. Call me racist, but that's just not something I want. SE Asia keeps telling us that we're not part of SE Asia and never will be. So why pander to their inability to stick a franger on?

    You can't play on both teams,
  7. Just any provide that common sense and bureaucracy do not mix! Without a mean to fly her back to China, that mean detain her will be the next course action. And what is the logic of spending taxpayer money to detain a 104 years old woman while she could have been care for by her adopated family? Since she is not an Auss citzen nor recidency. She will be on private health care if she required any.

    Bureaucrat just a bunch of no brainer
  8. So you want everyone out except for the Aborigines?
  9. Would you say the same if it was a 20 year old male who the airlines wouldn't fly for A.N. other reason?

    The woman's age or frailty shouldn't be an issue in the decision.
  10. she is a 104 for god sake probably not much longer to live anyway .
    A bit of common sense compasion stops you making an complete arse of your self if she was an abo they would have shot her :twisted:
  11. SMiller,

    Tell me who is real Australian? Isn't all white Australian migrant as well? unless you are aboriginal. I think you right to be Australian is as good as those of Asia orgin.

  12. Greyman,

    I don't think that is a valid argument. When do you stop? We are all immigrants of one type or another. If you take your argument to the nth degree - lets kick out all Brits with Norman, Viking or Roman DNA as they are obviously not the indiginous population!
  13. No, the Aborigines deserve to stay just as much as we do. As a 'blackfella' said to a mate of mine the other day. Whitefella's have shed blood for this country too, so they belong to it as well.

    I just don't like the idea of freeloaders coming in and contributing nothing. Much the same to the way you probably don't like border-jumpers being hired and taking the work of legitimate Americans, or the way the constitution protects the rights of people that aren't even citizens of your country.

  14. I got thrown out of a Canadian taxi once for daring to point out to the raving, racist whore driving it, that Canada was in fact a nation of immigrants.

    I won't do that again. It was a VERY long walk.... :)