big boys with kid toys

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_creature, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. Browsing ARRSEpedia i Stumbled on something called "Airsoft" which untill searching on youtube i had been oblivious of. This link shows how silly and sad these people can be. Made me chuckle
  2. Weirdo's.
  3. Not sure but i think airsoft has been covered before mate. Not sure, just recall seeing it mentioned somewhere!
  4. My mistake if its been done before
  5. whats wrong with airsoft? i myself play it and it is tons of fun its better than sitting in front of an x box playing call of duty.
  6. Fascinating to witness the lesser spotted Cnut in it's natural habitat.
  7. Are you on drugs?
  8. are you serious>?
  9. You turnip.
  10. When you begin to think about joining an Airsoft club.
  11. iairsoft uses the honour system where you take your hits, when you have " rental groups" in you get the odd cheater but when you have people who have spent money on there own gear they tend to be trustworthy
  12. Isn't a bit disappoint that the 'firing' is quieter than a monk's vinegar stroke?

    And of course, they appear to very casual.

    And why do they have mockup optics if they don't even aim the guns properly?

    For when airsofting doesn't make you look a big enough cnut.....

    Apparently they are making a Javlin version too... it fires a cricket ball :D
  13. Is airsoft just for the obese and/or virgins?

    It's just that the only people you ever see doing it are very fat and/or socially inadequate.

    They don't even look like they're enjoy themselves. Jesus, that was sole destroying viewing.
  14. There not virgins, majority have had sex with their brothers/sisters underage minors that sort of thing.
  15. Now I am confused, does nothing indicate if your hit or hit someone???