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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Sep 10, 2003.

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    Europe's largest arms fair, Defence Systems and Equipment International is being held in London, and for the first time the media have been allowed full access. BBC News Online went along to see what was on offer.

    The Challenger 2 battle tank has pride of place at the Alvis Vickers stand
    So that's what "merchants of death" look like. They wear sober suits - dark blues and black dominate. They are mostly men, and on average they are not very young.

    But protesters would probably be disappointed should they manage to get past the three-layer security cordon surrounding East London's ExCel exhibition hall.
  2. Merchants of Death?...........bit dramatic that isn't it?

    You'll be calling Army chefs..........providers of sh*te next.
  3. Will we get in if we flash a MOD90 ???
  4. go check online!
    the list of jobs that accept you for free entry is quite amusing!
  5. It makes my blood boil how a few hundred unwashed can bring a significant part of East London to a standstill, affecting tens of thousands of lives and we pay their benefit and then they go back to the bar & laugh about it.

    Myself and Taff 377 were accosted by several as we walked to canning town DLR with several thousand other delegates.

    Q: " do you think its morally right that we should be selling weapons etc"

    A: " a lot of what's in there is defensive and we're actually involved in keeping people like you safe in their beds, my dear "
    did not unfortunately meet with her preconceptions

    Try the alternative site to find out about the secret rebel HQ. I somehow don't see it being picketed later tonight by thousands of pinstipe clad RO's trained in Non Violent Direct Action!

    Thanks for the link, looks like we might be able to get in with a MOD 90.

    You get to design your own badge too!!

    Thinking about putting Osma Bin Laden on my badge, wonder what would happen??