Big Boys Toys!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Minxy, Dec 9, 2005.

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  1. Not just an old fart's motor then :wink:
  2. There's a group called I belive hte D9 Drifters, they featured on top gear ealier this year. Some of their stuff would at least make you wet minxy.
  3. Ah yes, the D9. nice piece of kit

    D9 Big Boys toy
  4. Too bad General Motors now owns Saab. It will never be tha same
  5. hmmm.....reminiscent of my driving.

  6. All very flash and that but none of that driving was a patch on the Grand Master of such things, our very own Mr Russ Swift

    Russ Swift

    Now thats impressive!!!
  7. pah! trick pony

    ......<mutter mutter>
  8. Just like the Synchro Pair, but 10 times slower and only two axes to worry about. :p
  9. Well he does do a few more, Im impressed anyway, If you can do it talk down eh! sorry but you can't beat a guy who has made his whole living out of it, I saw him at a Mini thing at Coombe abbey a few years ago and it was bloody amazing.
  10. Check out the latest Clarkson DVD, has Mr Swift on it and I was very impressed with his skill :)
  11. Just like another day driving around London.

    Am very impressed though.
  12. KINELL!!! Marvelous driving skills.