Big bill when you hand back yer kit... or whats left of it?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by clownbasher, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has left recently and had to hand back whatever kit they still have?

    Am wondering whether I'll get a big bill when I eventually do. On the one hand, I've got loads of stuff that I'm fairly sure they don't have a signature for - as you tend to 'accumulate' over the years - and they never asked for the old crisp packet weatherproofs, jersey HW, lightweights and what-have-you back. On the other, there are things on my AF???? that I haven't seen in well over a decade (PT shorts?! Dodgy Army trainers?!) and that I can't imagine them really needing back - but I guess that's not really the point, is it?

    Question is, what sort of bill will I get for this when I pack it in - or won't they bother? At least I still have the expensive stuff and perhaps I could cut the QM a deal on the unsigned-for stuff?!
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  2. 1) If it's on your 1157 you'll be billed for it if it's missing. My SQMS said that he was sure things like lightweights, og shirts and HW jumpers etc had fallen off the 1157 when it was updated after I was issued some new kit recently. But until I have seen my 1157 with my own eyes I wouldn't be too quick to get rid of it or expect not to get billed for it, especially if you've already hocked it down the army surplus store!!

    2) If you have unsigned kit, you are either a robbing gypsy barstool, or someone has been careless in not issuing you with a 1033 (which has to be re-issued every 3 months). A 1033 is as good as an 1157, if it's in date.

    3) On the other hand if you never signed the kit out, how do they know what kit you have got? They can't bill you for something they don't know or can prove you have. However, honesty.........integrity................etc
  3. solution 3 , get a print out of youre 1157 , see what youre diffy , scroung from your mates what you need and voila ; no bill
    this is really good when you find out you aint got nothing on youre 1157 , :)
  4. If it’s clothing then you can keep/bin it.
    Anything else you have to return.
  5. Cheers.

    Problem is, people 'borrow' various things off you over the years and don't give it back. Some stuff just gets lost or knacked.

    The 'extra' stuff is definitely issued - although you always end up with the odd spare shirt - but for some reason was never put on the 1157 in the first place.

    I was hoping I could sort of net the two off and that they wouldn't want the topee hat or puttees back :)
  6. So if I've had something on an 1033 for more than 12 weeks, then it belongs to me, even if it's got a serial number on the back?

    Does that mean they won't exchange it for one with a new battery in it?
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Better still, go to EBAY or your local surplus store, grab a load of shoit cheap and hand that in instead.
  8. Don't know about the TA but when I left the regs I went to the stores prior to leaving and asked for a list of exactly what they wanted back. It was nowhere near anything that I had, let alone what they had given me.

  9. If you have a good SQMS then you should be OK, if you have the important items, webbing, face welly, doss bag, C95, boots, jackets et al. Most of the crap stuff like socks, PT kit, T shirts, long-johns are generally written off (in most units). As I said, it depends how good your SQMS is.
    I seem to remember when I left the first time, I handed in the important things and kept EVERYTHING else, of course then joining up again and being re-issued with EVERYTHING just seemed like Christmas to me, all over again
  10. I left the regs last november last year after 23 years (no reserve service commitment), all they wanted back was:
    Webbing (but it wasnt on my flick so i kept it)
    body armor
    ear defenders
    No 2s
  11. This thread has reminded me that I must get up in the attic and start getting some stuff on E Bay

  12. Bet that all comes in handy with Mrs Filbert. Or do you know something we don't Filbert? :D
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    It's either for Ebay or as '06 says, Mrs FF's into rufty-tufty soldier games.
  15. I am well out of date as everybody seems to keep telling me. But even I remember that the 1157 was basically clothing. The 1033 was for items from the CQMS's G1098 store eg webbing. In TA units they might be integrated. But it is 2 different processes.