Big bill due to no mail

I have been deployed a long way south for the last few months and before I left I cancelled a contract with vodafone germany. They said they would send me my final bill.

So I go to the post room and fill in the form to get my mail diverted to my tour location. After a month or so I find my mail is coming through so I call my unit and I get told the post room civvy has moved jobs and not been replaced and I will get my mail when it re-opens. Several weeks pass and I call again told to continue to wait out. Here through arrse a number of weeks later that it has re-opened so I call my unit to ask them to send my mail and get a positive answer. I repeat this process 3 or 4 times because still no mail.

Finally i call my postroom they say they have no paperwork for me. so I give them my address and e-mail my OC he dishes out some bollocking and low and behold I get my mail.

However in this is a big pile of Vodafone bills the most recent of which show that my original final bill for 77 euros has now risen to 403 euros with charges and tax.

The long and short of this where do I stand on this. As German consumer rights as far as I am aware, are virtually non existant, but my units badmin is not really my fault.
Speak to the RAO?

Its not Vodafones fault. You failed to make contact. However I think youll find as always. youll end up footing the bill.
To play devils advocate:

Why didn't you get vodafone to send your bill directly to your tour address?
No sympathy.

Take it as an expensive lesson in squaring your admin away properly.
squaring it away properly as in getting my mail diverted to me. As vodafone germany don't deliver to BFPO or that's what they told me.

Has anyone got any useful advice?
Smooj is correct - when i had a Vodaphone contract in Das Fatherland they wouldnt send the post to a BFPO, only to the civilian address of your barracks.

That said Smooj, i think any attempt to get this money, or a portion of it, back from the system will see you disapointed. At the end of the day, you had an outstanding bill and it was your responsibility to clear it. You could have emailed/written to your provider or asked a mate back in Germany to speak to the Vodaphone shop on your behalf. You could have spoken to your OC alot sooner and got it sorted.

Not the answer your were looking for, but i'm pretty sure you wont get a penny out of the Army.


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I think we've all been here before though, where thanks for a useless/incompetent Post Bunk NCO, we've been f**ked off for urgent and important mail.

I've had bankcards lost in the bunk, I've had bills appear a year after they were due (Thank god for direct debit) and I've heard of guys getting cheques too late to cash because the post bunk either didn't:

- Tray the mail properly
- Bother to tip up and do their job
- Were away sick or on leave

I had a bank card waiting for me, in a mail bag, in the Guardroom, which I walked past every day, but couldn't get to, because the post bunk biff was on leave, and no-one else was authorised to open and sort the mail.
I couldn't have it posted to the bank, as they don't allow it any more (For security reasons - It's a f**king bank!!), and I couldn't send it to any address other than my account address, which is my barracks.

F**king joke, and again, total lack of accountability.

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