Big Beautiful Doll

BBC News - Fighter plane collision at Duxford show investigated

This is sad. I won a flight with Mark Hanna in Big Beautiful Doll it was a wonderful 20mins. Mark said that it was a waste to fly straight and level in a P51 so we did some airobatics well a show really, run and breaks, 360 turns and a Victory Roll. I do hope she can be rebuilt


Taken roughly from behind by a Frenchman driving a bus. Ignominious end, but I guess if they can straighten out the dataplate they'll rebuild it.
What a shame,

Skyraider pilot needs pulling through with a fir tree.
What kind of di*ckhead doesn't understand basic formation flying.
I'm guessing Nelson Mandella and Mother Theresa's basic formation flying skills were on the rusty side. Eamon Holmes too I believe. Not that I like to tell tales.
Most conscious people are aware that approximately 7 billion people also fall into this category also.
What a bright spark you are.

Display pilots are supposed to make themselves aware of the restrictions and rules governing close formation flying (definition of close meaning 60 metres or less).
Some French pilots must have decided otherwise.


Sid, go and take a peek on PPRuNe, where last month's crash was given some more reasoned coverage.

And wind your neck in.
The thread was reasonable enough until post #5

I don't need your unreasonable advice thank you.
You know this is (supposed to be) an army forum? So for most people on here you're a ******** if you DO understand formation flying. Go and impress the children at the local air cadets with the bollocks you're spouting. No need to thank me for the advice.

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