Big Bart?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Gundulph, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. Ecxellent! is this the ARRSE RnR Island's version of that monster that had a field all to itself outside the Wainwright Camp in Canada many moons ago?
  2. I'd like to say there was an air of nostalgia about the purchase of Black Bart, however he's an example of something Bulletsponge bought whilst surfing SL whilst under the influence of alcohol.

    The dodgems, combat subs and whale fall firmly into the category of boney's drunken purchases also.
  3. I'll try and find the story on that Bison and put it here. My 3 year old son was annoyed as I couldn't get the Sub out of the 'pen' the periscope sticks against the gate so it can't get out, any ideas?

    Also, I couldn't place the ATM Machine for some reason but can I get permission to place a Buy a Tuxedo Icon somewhere?

    One more question that I am stuck with, I tried buying a platz today which will cost 79,500$L but when trying to buy these $L it won't allow me to buy more than $10 worth in one day as a newbie, if I bought on Ebay would I be able to then buy the property?

  4. I can't remember what the name of that Buffalo/Bison/thing was outside the entrance to the Wainwright Training Camp back then, but here is a kind of a link to the Buffalo history there:

    Buffalo's at Camp Wainwright
  5. You can buy all the cash you want on ebay - i've done it and you generally get a better exchange rate than official Linden purchase.

    You dont have the permission to place the ATM - You'll have to wait until either me, Minxy or Bing are online so that we can change the object placing permission. If this ATM is purely a cash machine, are you going to be the beneficary of any profit? Not a problem but we dont really want the Island to get clogged with commercial clutter. If its a simple cash vendor, i'd prefer you to place it in the PRI shop - theres plenty of space in there.

    As for the combat subs, use the page down key mate!!
  6. Boney_M,

    Thanks for this, don't worry about the ATM thing it was a newbie day 2 fad... whats the score with the RnR Island, will we be able to place anything on it ourselves? don't these Islands cost well over $1,000 real dollars? I hope you get the donations to pay for it... i haven't seen more than 2 others on the Island apart from myself, do you know how much traffic it gets daily? you'll have to host a party at the NAAFI and avdertise it on ARRSE to encourage people to come along. I bought the $L on Ebay, but haven't received them as yet, the deal is lined up but I have to pay by tomorrow evening, hardly believe it myself that I am buying 'virtual' property but you can put it back on the Market for more later after adding items so it should be a good investment ;)

    How many Members are there currently in the ARRSE Group?

  7. Your awfully fcuking nosey....
  8. Be fair minxy, its confusing as fcuk :D
  9. Yes Minx and still a tad confused :lol:
  10. :D it averages about 600 a week, daily Im unsure.

    Yes once you find your feet, you will be able to build on the island, to do so you need to be added to another group, I suggest you search for a sandbox (practice area on SL) and have a play about there.

    You should receive your Lindens - good luck with your purchase.

    As for the NAAFI - in theory yes, we should advertise it and it should generate traffic BUT its not as easy when put into practise.

    You clearly don't land on the island the same time as me, there have been more than two on there when I have been about. Those that still use SL, I believe potter about and do other things, big wide world out there.

    They also have done as you are doing and either have purchased land, or rent an area off the Island, so dont need to be around as much as they were.
  11. The bison's name was Earl. Resident in the field outside Wainwright from 1987 - at least 1996.
  12. Thats the One! I_F_L you are a star!!! frightening bugger wasn't he!!!!! I was there as a Sapper attached to 2RGJ just before we got sent to the sandy place 1... Wainwright was excellent as was Lloyd Minster, Jasper, Edmonton etc. Great Tour even if we had to brush up on our Infantry skills and learnt a lot in the process! loved every minute of it... Hope the TA lad that had the ricochet in the back during one of the Live section attacks is well after all this time... I seem to remember him waiting for the chopper with a fag lit up, and a cheesey smile for the camera 8)