Big Barrys Running Club (B.B.R.C)

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by error_unknown, Dec 5, 2002.

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  1. Who was the "paddy" that fell down the hill on one of barry inces runs in boz and was met by the remark of "dont jusy lay there do some sit ups".
    Little did big baz know that the offending trooper had almost broke his ankle.

    And also the time that "spick" morini almost got lynched by baz during one of the daily competative games of volleyball at divulje bks.
    Oh happy days
    I wonder if he ever got his running shoes back! ::)
  2. Ashpole, remember boz well,(when i didnt have a hangover)
    Can you remember when BI dived out of choppers window after someone tried to nick our flag.  
    was'nt it paddy smith that fell down the hill ? ;D
  3. no i cant but i shall never forget when BI was drilling the hole on the ceiling and went into the power cable and just hung on until someone turned the power off.
  4. Where is barry Ince now?
  5. Last time i heard he was cadre ds at wallop..ouch.. :)
  7. HE IS AT 4 REGT
  8. Howabout when he chased Dave Jones round the MT park in Bos with a limp hammer !
  9. Sorry thats LUMP hammer !
  10. Mr Ince is now Major Ince OC HQ Sqn 4 Regt AAC! :eek:
  11. OC HQ, mmmm lots of PT.
    d, jones what is he up to ? please dont tell me is a wo or higher. :-X :-X
  12. If your on about d jones that was SQ of 659 Sqn in 4 regt. He has just finished and is now in civi street.
  13. was he the Provo Cpl the Sgt @ Dishforth a few yrs ago
  14. Yes he was, just got a job with Felixstowe Port Fuzz, watch your duty free allowance !
  15. ha ha just remembered our italian freind dyin on all bazza's runs. do remember when we were buildin the bar in divulgie he got electrocuted whilst drilling into the celing. he punched the moustached mt stripey and me and the mt full screw (a certain reptilian nickname) hid behind the bar

    also there the night he dived out the window, but it was a certain punchy irishman(pilot 5 regt) who smacked the enger, barry pulled him off.

    remember it clearly as it was on my 3rd drinkin ban of the tour (ran out of ramones wine)