big bang

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by bad_pixel, Nov 27, 2011.

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  1. I don't get it really. I know that there is an error in thinking if I imagine an explosion in a 3 dimensional space as been what happened. So then people say "well that don't matter as nobody ever saw the edge".Not sure why a creature exists, me, that cannot experience the whole space he is in. This is why I look to dreams and emotional feelings as being as important in understanding as what is visible. (Hic)
  2. Is this an instruction manual for a chinese chainsaw?
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  3. I'll have what you're drinking :)
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  4. A friend of mine recently committed the unspeakable scientific heresy of stating that he didn't and couldn't believe in a single big bang. He's absolutely convinced that it's more likely that a series of big bangs started creation as we know it.

    But as I know he isn't a witch, I didn't burn him at the stake...
  5. 'cause I said, if it is an explosion in a 3d space and we are where we are now looking back in time with a telescope, I say " Oi, what about all that stuff that is exploding away from us, that happened in the big bang, we are not going to be able to see that". Ah but, we are ourselves part of the explosion and so everything is all around us and is not moving away from a centre but is generally expanding." but I'm still not happy about it.
    I mean it seems to be 3d space now because we can send things to the outer planets. So at some stage in the past all this space mustn't have been 3d space or you would arrive at that thing that we shouldn't be able to see things that were made in the big bang(when time started) that are moving away from us.
    So either time was made first and then 3d space was made a bit later or the other way around or I'm not sure really.
  6. Tough?
  7. There's your answer, right there ^
  8. It isn't heresy, per se. There is considerable argument that there have been sequential, even concurrent, "big bang" events (as we have no idea, yet, what caused this, there are lots of arguments amongst cosmologists, especially after considerable drink has been taken), as well as all the guff about different inflation bubbles. But "creation as we know it", the bit of the universe we call "observable", is almost certainly the innards of a single inflation bubble resulting from a single event.
  9. Nope - spacetime came into existence at the big bang. And has been expanding ever since. The best way to imagine this is the usual simplification of the expanding ballon - imagine a 2D+time universe existing on the surface of a balloon, which is then blown up as time progresses. Space expands. And we can't see some things which are so far away from us that they are either now further away from us than the age of the universe allows light to travel from them (about 46 billion light years), or that are now moving away from us so fast that they are now moving away faster than light (this is not proper motion so relativity is not broken.)
  10. your error is picturing it as an explosion in a pre existing 3d space... the point is that the big bang CREATED the 3d space.Thus it cannot be "seen" from "outside"
  11. I still wish that someone would give me a simple answer to the one burning Big Bang question:

    WHAT exploded?
  12. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Ask Sheldon Cooper
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  13. Nothing actually exploded.

    Everything was rather too close together and that doesn't work. The Pauli Exclusion Principle applies to some things. And it was very hot so things were moving very quickly. Which tends to lead to them flying apart. Which sort of looks like an explosion. But isn't. Because nothing has actually exploded.

  14. Of course something exploded, one of the elephants supporting the earth farted one night just as the sun was passing through it's legs on route to the eastern horizon, dreadful explosion it really rattled the crockery, but at least we were spared the smell!

    That Stephen Hawking bloke, you know, Davros. Why do you think he has a handbrake on his Dalek wheelchair? He's frightened of falling off the edge, that's why!!!

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  15. But that's the problem with the Big Bang being the theory of creation of the universe - where did it all come from? :?