Big Apple

Got a bit of leave. Week on the lash in NYC. Info needed on places to see, bars to visit etc. Much appreciated

I recommend visiting Murphs guide to NY:

I can think of a few places that I enjoyed. Haven't been there in a while although I live about 45 minutes away.

Mad Hatter was a decent place to eat with a sort of pub atmosphere.

If you like reggae, SOB's (Sounds of Brazil) is great. I saw Black Uhuru there back in the day.

You may also like the "Scrap Bar". It's underground, bit of heavy metal meets road warrior type place. Never mind, noticed it's on the bar obits. Shame, that place was nice.

The limelight is definately worth a tourist visit, if your into techno-goth type stuff, then the "Mad Club" may be for you.

Also, you may want to hit the water front. The intrepid is docked as a floating museum and next to it a first generation missle sub that you can tour through.

I would think statue of liberty and ground zero would be givens. Central Park, FAO Schwartz (, broadway, times square (dangerous at times).

Here's a list of closed bar in case you get advice, I would check against the closed list:

If you have any questions I'll do my best to get an answer for you.
Good pub in Hells Kitchen

I spent many an hour in there during Fleet Week 2004-top place!

Empire State Building at night-time is good-free or discounted entry if you show your ID Card.

You've got to go and have scran in Hooters at least once-it's fantastic :D and just goes to show that the yanks can get something right if they apply themselves :thumright:

Also, don't forget to get in touch with this crowd-they are EXTREMELY helpful and cannot do enough to make your stay more enjoyable. A polite email before you go can reap massive dividends for you as I found out-free tickets to a Broadway show for a start!

Central Park is great for people watching/perving/just generally relaxing and it is well worth spending an afternoon or so there.
Thanks for all the advice. All good stuff. Slightly curious about the times square "dangerous at times" comment though.... What's the crack with using mod90 as id? I've heard both good and bad reports?