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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brighton hippy, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. unfortunatly Tanzani or however you spell it is of no national importance.
    so selling them a military airtraffic control system when they don't have an air force.
    Could be considered a brilliant piece of salesmanship except they paid a 1/3rd of the total cost to a middle man.
    Muggins in the UK ended up paying for the useless tat as the cash we gave the african state to send kids to school was spent on this tat instead. :twisted:

    billion quid in fines coming down the line.

    looks like the A2s will be paid for at least :twisted:
  2. I don't unerstand why this is such a big issue. BAe want to sell Tornadoes/Eurofighters/radar/whatever to Tanzania/Saudi/wherever. Tanzanian politician/Saudi Prince wants a ton of cash/a ton of coke/a couple of 12 year old hookers before he'll sign the deal so BAe pay for them to be supplied. BAe get the contract, lots of British jobs are secured and lots of foreign money comes into the British exchequer.

    It's not as if this is a new scenario, and it's probably one that occurs a thousand times a day in this country and millions of times a day abroad (probably usually on a smaller scale though).

    So what is the problem to the British Government?
  3. They hate export, they hate industry, they want us all to spend our days shining each other's shoes and become vassals of a Pan-European Socialist Republic.

  4. er we signed various laws out lawing this sort of stuff.
    We paid for the usless tanzanian radar :x iy did'nt safeguard british jobs the radar was built 2nd hand tat.
    african leaders get away with this sort of shite because western companies will pay bribes.
  5. An acquaintance of mine was involved in trying to get a contract to supply artillery to some middle eastern failed state (just to narrow it down somewhat...)

    The French got the contract because -- surprise surprise -- the "hospitality" budget was much larger, and the French suffer far less qualms about this kind of thing anyway.

    If you want to do defence business in the Middle East, you have to accept that bribery is a fact of life. Otherwise you won't be doing any defence business in the Middle East.
  6. I thought this was going to be about a certain MP's liking for potty training.
  7. Such as a certain officer receiving a 'reward' in return for purchasing several LDV fleet vans. Allegedly. ;) No wonder that sort of thing goes on though, the vans were absolutely dogshit.
  8. But why? Why does the British Government care whether a foreign politician takes a bribe or not? It does not affect Britain in the slightest and yet it could potentially bring billions of pounds into a British company and therefore millions of pounds of tax into the British Government to spend on black lesbian one legged single mothers.

    We all know that if BAe doesn't pay those bribes, some US or French or Russian company will and they'll get the cash instead.
  9. tanazania deal £35million of uk gov aid money meant for putting african kids in schools instead went to BAE coffers for crap :twisted:

    If BAE think paying bribes is fair abroad how many bribes do they pay here?
    Plus corrupt 3rd world countries tend to encourage mayhem that makes it back to our shore in more refugees terrorists etc etc etc :(

  10. So it ended up keeping British workers in jobs and indirectly went back into our economy?
  11. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    I shouldn't get all excited. There's going to be a long drawn out series of trials and appeals, which BAE must reckon they have a chance of winning, or they would have cut a deal with the SFO (as they have been trying to.) In the end BAE may lose and get fined a whole wodge of cash, which they'll have to recover somehow. So guess which defence procurement organisation is going to find that key equipment support and supply has just gone up?
  12. Whats new? Isn't this just the normal way of things?
    I can't see why anybody is getting excited about it, it is after all the normal way of doing business around the world.

  13. Ladies and Gentlemen…

  14. Doesn't narrow it down that much Stoaters, they are all failed, just a question of degree.
  15. Ahhh.... Hippy...I remember the Serious Fraud office, wonderful City based bunch. Spent the first few years looking for master criminals committing heinous but concealed offenses involving large sums.

    Spectacularly unsuccessful! Master criminals too jolly clever.

    Went to Plan "B". Look for one easy to spot crime involving large sums, perpetrated by less proficient part time criminal.

    Spectacularly unsuccessful! Saudis' too jolly rich.

    Went to Plan "C". Look for easy to spot crime involving large sums, perpetrated by less proficient part time criminal, where victim is unaware of or does not give a t*ss about ongoing investigation and won't complain to HM Govt.

    Fingers crossed. If they don't show a major return to Treasury this Fiscal they're canned