Biffa Bin & A Parking Ticket?

A traffic warden is being investigated after a parking ticket was placed on a wheelie bin.


The warden was accused of "bizarre behaviour" by onlookers as the penalty charge notice was stuck on the bin which was on double yellow lines in Carmarthen.

Carmarthenshire council said no ticket was inside the wrapper and the incident was a light-hearted moment.

However it said the warden's conduct was being looked into.
Salesman Mike Jones said he spotted the warden talking to other motorists about the wheelie bin from a town centre shop blocking the road.

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Humourless cünts


23up would no doubt approve.


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I'm guessing we'll just end up recycling the same rubbish jokes on here
I bin thinking about this.
I'll stop now.

Gout Man

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Why did the parking enforcement officer do this in the first place, he may have been under work related duress, or just wheelie stressed out? Who will pay the parking fine, I heard Biffa skipped the Country last week!

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