Biff Win7 upgrade question...

I'm thinking of upgrading the 4(T) household's motley collection of PCs to Win7, in order to get some consistency between them all.

The least-crap PC is a Dell XPS 720 currently with Vista Business on it. Would like to move this one to Win7 Ultimate in order to take advantage of the language-switching (Mrs 4(T) being Russian...).

Some dumb questions (even after Googling for information):

1. Does an "Upgrade" edition allow the option of a clean full re-install, or will it only piss around modifying the existing XP/Vista install (which can result in a mess, by all accounts)?

2. Has anyone used a Vista or Win7 Ultimate language pack? Does it really offer simple toggling of display languages, or is it a kind of re-install/reboot process?

3. I assume its best to buy a new PC with 64-bit Win7 to allow for some future-proofing; is there any particular issue whether to choose 32 or 64 for older machines?

2) Don't know, but Win 7 allows for switching to a Russian keyboard easily enough.

3) Check that there are 64 bit drivers for your peripherals, or it might be an expensive upgrade ;)

When you say 'motley' how many PCs are you talking?

Also bear in mind the upgrade cost of approx £150 for Win7 Ultimate:

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