bieng posted to leconfield as sgt instructor

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by jonah1163, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. hi guy i,am bieng posted soon to leconfield as a sgt instructor , i,am looking for some advice in the houses i,am looking for a 4 bed house either in the wire or out , looking for the prices they are also ciloct.
    also the good points and bad points of bieng a infantry going to a RLC training depot,
  2. Dont know about the houses mate, but Beverley was a laugh on the piss, as for the RLC same as just about any other unit some good blokes and some knobbers (well more than a few). What is the job up there ?
  3. thats ok then, i,am msure i,ll meet a few then , i,am going as snco instructor in the advance training wing.
    just need heads up on the houses , schools, and clubs for the kids,
  4. haha leconfield, if you wanna do well there you'd better become a bullshit hound, make sure to carry lots of agi forms and dish them out for such "crimes" as turning up early for parade cos they weren't marched down, oh yeah and zero tolerance on leaving daysacks outside the scoffhouse!!!
  5. Try getting in touch with Leconfield HIVE. They should be able to help you with school, clubs and SFA details for the area.