Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Hitlerwasabitnaughty, Aug 19, 2003.

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  1. Is there anybody out there who can tell me what happened to the Auf Dem Busch MQ estate in Bielefeld?

    Spoken to quite a few folk currently stationed in Bielefeld but they just look at me with blank faces when I ask them about Auf Dem Busch?

    Also can anybody tell me if Rochdale Barracks is still active - the Supply Depot near Mossbank Barracks?
  2. My info is that the Army still holds the keys for the MQ's in question. Rochdale along with Ripon and Richmond got given back to the local box heads. The only two barracks that are still in the hands of the British are Catterick and Mossbank..... :twisted:
  3. Do any RLC bods know what happened to the Supply Depot then?

    Did it get moved to PRB in Gutersloh?
  4. The supply depot, moved in part to Dulmen I think. But the need to have a central collection point for rations has been removed as a civvie company now delivers to the various camps. Ripon Barracks it is now being developed into a housing estate, although part of the HQ block still remains it is soon going to be turned into flats.
    The town of Bielefeld is still a good night on the ale though :)....

    When were you here last ???
  5. With regards to Auf Dem Busch MQ's, they have all been handed back to the German goverment or were sold, either way are now full of Germans, unlike the flats in Oerlinghausen that are now full of Turks........
  6. I haven't been to Bielefeld since '86. My dad was based at Rochdale Barracks.
  7. "Brits out, Brits out, Brits out...."

    .....unlike the flats in Oerlinghausen that are now full of Turks.....

    Ooops :)[/quote]
  8. alfiefizz was right in saying there were 2 barracks in bielefeld still in the hands of the brittish sadly he was wrong as to 1 of the names though!!! the two barracks that are still ours are catterick barracks (home of 7 TPT Regt and 24 Regt MOV CONS) and rochdale barracks (home of 921 EOD and a load of civis). i dont know about the MQ area though.
  9. You're part correct and he is correct.

    The Rochdale that is now there used to be Mossbank, Rochdale having been turned into an industrial estate. The sign over the closed canteen doors in Rochdale (now) still says Mossbank Hilton.

    The Rochdale name was retained because Bielefeld is twinned with 'Dale