Bielefeld Bks

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Hitch, Oct 28, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone put a name to this Barracks, should be one of the Bielefeld barracks taken in 1938?

  2. With the position of the Teutoburger Wald in the background I'd say it is (or rather was) Ripon Barracks. I spent 4 years there. Catterick Barracks has 2, 3 story blocks facing their square. The large block is what was to be known as block 10, the singlies accomodation, abd the 2 story building became the Sgts mess. I have a page on my site with picture in the late 80's and early 90's at and here is a view from the main road outside camp (Detmolder Strasse)


    In view are blocks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. I hope this helps.

    P.S. I just remebered. My room was the top left window on the large block facing the square!
  3. I passed the photo on to a mate of mine who is still living in Bielefeld and he came up with the suggestion that it's possibly taken at the old Kesselbrink Kasserne, just down the road from Mossbank Bks. The Bks were taken over by the Stadt some time in the distant past and are still used as the Stadt Finance offices.

    Any other offers?
  4. You can see the ridge in the old photo. If it was near Mossbank you would not be able to see it. If you look at my colour piccy you will see the ridge directly behind the camp. I'm 99% sure it is Ripon Barracks.
  5. It may be possible Speedy, but the only blocks in Rippon that go perpendicular to the tall ones have completely the wrong windows in the atic. In your photo you can just see them and it has a single row of windows along the front. Not the individual windows in the old photo. I'm as eager to find the right camp as you, but I'm not convinced it's Ripon as to get the old photo you'd need a block on the third side of the square.
  6. Further to my last..... Have you compared the comparitive distances for the ridge in the background? The one in the b/w photo looks a damn sight further away dispite being taken from higher up which should give the perception of it being closer.
  7. Resolved! Its Definately Ripon Bks. Cheers to Speedy and especially Plant-Pilot for the footwork!

    Now what about the Muenster photo???
  8. Bump!

    Different barracks but still Bielefeld. Anyone know which barracks this is?


  9. Bigger image:

  10. Catterick Barracks?
  11. That looks like the first block on the right as you drive into Rochdale Bks. It's the one that used to have the NAAFI in it and now is the home of the British Legion.
  12. I take it you mean the Rochdale Barracks that used to be Mossbank Barracks (1 Corps Troops Workshops REME)?

    It's definitely not the original Rochdale Barracks.
  13. Yes, the camp that is now Rochdale Bks. The old Rochdale (near the fire station and PC69) used to be the Luftwaffebekeidungsamt before the British used it as an Ord Depot.
  14. Yeah, that's right, it was home to 64 Ord Coy RAOC, who were the last Ordnance Company in the Army, I believe. The single lads in the Company had their billets in Mossbank Barracks, as was.

    The old Rochdale Barracks was home to a fuck off Pet Sup depot and the RAOC Bakery, remember RAOC bread? :D

    There were also several very large warehouses holding, IIRC, a very large part of the Compo ration holdings for 1(BR)Corps/BAOR.

    And, also, home to a section of the Slime who were located in the Building to the right immediately after entering through the gate.
  15. I was CQMS at 64, and it wasnt the last, 61 Ordnance Company RLC, Mansergh Bks Gutersloh was the last, (I left 64 to go to 61 as CSM) and the pic isnt the orginal Rochdale Bks.