Biden: Palestinians deserve state

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ghost_us, Mar 10, 2010.

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    Clearly the Israelis are being stunningly stupid here. Their PR is non-existant, they have very few friends in that corner of the world and then they pull this.

    I know that Biden is a tool, but wtf.... Israel now needs to step up and show that they mean what they say.
  2. Perhaps the Native Americans may like to call on Joe Biden and remind him of this statement.
  3. Biden's right! However, the Palestinians already have a state, it's just that the Israelis nicked it off them when they illegally founded their own.

  4. Israel couldn't care less. They're probably counting on the republicans returning in a few years and just want to wait the current president out.
  5. Actually the Palestinians already have a homeland, it is called Jordan, Israel was merely what was once Britsh mandated Palestine and as a matter fo fact one of the reasons there were so many Jews in the area was because Arabs sold them the land.

    Amazing how anti semitic the kefties are, how they align themselkves with people sworn to destroy Jews and then call anyone who dares question Islam fascists... I just love the hypocrisy!

    As for outsiders illegally founding a state... how about Kosovo?
  6. I challenge you to name one, just one, sovereign country that didn't become so by that very manner at some point in history.

    Just one.
  7. Tuvalu.
  8. The Palestines deserve a State? To quote Mr Eastwood, "Deserve's got nothin' to do with it." :twisted:
  9. Oh, I see. So that makes it legitimate, does it? So what if the Mexicans invaded Texas and annexed it, since it was originally theirs in the first place, and had the hardware to keep you Septics at bay. Then they proceeded to treat the Texans like shite. Would that also be legitimate, in your opinion?

  10. This is an angry Biden, he does few thing well apart from frothing at the mouth angry.

    The poor dumb grinning ape walked right onto it. Prior to this visit he very publicly grovelled on his belly to Bibi stupidly promising everlasting unconditional love between DC and the Jewish state. Already in a diplomatic kow tow he was then carelessly bitch slapped by a well timed settlement construction announcement trashing DC's policy direction. The intent was clearly abject humiliation and it succeeded admirably.

    Biden is an idiot but he knows there are few votes in bracing Bibi. I expect him to cave and smile while he takes a thorough pumping shortly.
  11. Try again.
  12. Don't need to. It was a protectorate, never occupied.
  13. That's one Palestinian state, sure. But there is also a Palestinian state in the West Bank, and, as I have not heard of any loud bangs from that particular locality lately, I assume that they have now finally learnt to more or less get along with their Israeli neighbours.

    That leaves the third Palestinian state, in the Gaza strip, for whiners to bleat about. This is also a state that the Palestinians undisputably have, as the Israelis have not yet been provoked into taking it off them, despite their unpleasant habit of firing rockets into Israel from time to time. What the whiners seem to be complaining about is the fact that Israel has closed its border with the Gazan Palestinian state. Oddly, one hears very few whines about the Egyptians having done exactly the same thing, despite the fact that no Palestinian rockets have, as far as I kmow, been aimed at Egypt.

    Still, if somebody would like to phone up Mr. Biden and tell him that the Palestinians are already in undisputed possession of three states, perhaps it would set his mind at rest on the matter. Althougn why he can't work this out for himself rather eludes me.

    All the best,

  14. Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire which was dissolved after WWI. Israel didn't nick a state because there wasn't one. Whether the Israeli's had the right to establish their own state in that particular area of the world is quite another question. Fact remains there is an independent Jewish state and no Palestinian one at the moment. Arafat c.s. had their chance in the 1990s but blew it.

    In a way it's ironic Biden believes the Palestinians are mature enough to have their own state yet can't be held accountable for their own f*ck ups. Nice prospect to have yet another failed tribal state in the region....
  15. How is it that the Americans have decided that if they treat their enemies as if they're friends, everything will work out OK, and if they treat their friends as if they're enemies, that'll be OK too?

    I used to think that Obama was just Tony Blair with a suntan. Now I'm not sure he's that clever.