Biden: American strategy toward Russia clearly isnt working


In six weeks, Dmitry Medvedev will take over Russia's presidency. His ascension comes at a critical moment. Relations between the United States and Russia are at their lowest ebb since the end of the Cold War. Regardless of how much independence Mr. Medvedev has from his predecessor and presumptive prime minister, Vladimir Putin, the U.S. needs to use the time before he takes office to develop a new approach for managing relations with Moscow. Whatever the American strategy has been, it clearly isn't working.
Russia is the world's largest energy exporter, and the only state with enough nuclear weapons and delivery capability to wipe us out. It is also facing endemic corruption, a demographic collapse, and a brewing insurgency in the north Caucasus. The Kremlin's use of "managed democracy" has failed to address these and other major challenges. Whether in the form of loose nukes or environmental catastrophe, Russia's domestic failings have consequences beyond its borders. It is legitimate for the West to be concerned about Russia's internal affairs. We should encourage responsible Russians to move toward a political system that is better equipped to address Russia's many problems.
Regardless, it is time to redefine our relationship with Russia. Neither side will benefit from more Potemkin diplomacy. Americans -- and Russians -- deserve better.

Mr. Biden, a Democrat, is a U.S. senator from Delaware.
Do you agree with the senator? (I propose to read the whole article). What would be your propositions? How to redefine American policy toward Russia?

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