Bidding Process For MOD Contracts Is Flawed Says Union

Bidding Process For MOD Contracts Is Flawed Says Union

11 Apr 2005

The bidding process for Ministry of Defence (MOD) training contracts which include tank driving and maintenance, intelligence and photography as well as logistics is flawed the union warned today.

With only two consortiums bidding for each of the two contracts up for grabs under the defence training review and one of the consortia bidding for both, the union questioned the lack of competition in the process. Pointing to the refusal to allow an in-house bid, the union cautioned that the MOD and taxpayer wouldn't get value for money and warned of the formation of a monopoly of two or three big private companies in the supply of vital defence services.

The warning comes as the union launches a nationwide campaign against the outsourcing of key MOD functions which is seeing the privatisation of large chunks of defence work to a small number of suppliers ranging from IT to training.

Commenting Paul Bemrose PCS negotiations officer for the MOD said: "What we are seeing is the wholesale privatisation of crucial chunks of MOD work ranging from tank driving and aircraft maintenance to joint police and personnel administration. The fear is that accountability will be lost and a private sector monopoly created."

Mark Serwotka PCS general secretary added: "The lack of competition leaves us fearful that the process is flawed. How can the MOD and the taxpayer be assured of value for money when no in-house bid was allowed and the bidders are limited? The increasingly dogmatic approach of privatisation in the MOD will create a small cabal of private sector companies to whom the Mod are increasingly beholden."
Are BSM bidding to train tankies now ?. They taught me (at MOD expense, QTo chap examining), but who teaches the tankie teachers ?.
Civil servant alarmed at loss of civil service empire! That is the shocking type of headline we all really get excited when we comes from the same headline genre as "Turkeys refuse to vote for Christmas" and "Professional footballers 'spit, swear and roast young girls' reveals glamour model".

I would have more sympathy for the PCS case if they could show me exactly how efficient they are at providing these services, relative to the privatised companies. I regularly quote for work against in-house bids and am usually the cheapest bidder - even allowing for TUPE. Can the PCS explain this strange phenomenon to me? Probably not, because they can't usually find their ARRSE in the dark using both hands...

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