Bid Up to $ 3 Mil for Virgin

Natalie Dylan is hoping to pay for her college tuition [ she wants to become a Marriage Counselor and Therapist ] by auctioning off her virginity.

She is being sponsored by the Nevada Tourist Mecca, the Bunny Ranch, which is providing the location for the deed..

I was thinking that $ 3 mil is a bit steep, though she is not a bad looking little bit of fluff.. Still, Rohypnol or a taser would be'd have to pass on the subdued red lighting and cheesy decor and the resultant interviews on CNN afterwards, though...
Picture of said creature?

Have to view the goods before spending!!
Now, how about some evidence that she's genuinely a virgin. They can do wonders with cosmetic surgery these days, you know.

Anal virginity is acceptable, I assume.
Who pays to have sex with virgins, apart from Arabs? She's not that hot, won't have a clue about blowies, will probably over-compensate and won't last longer than a minute. That's $50,000 a second.

I'm out.


It's cheaper to just get a ticket to Newcastle, if you can't get your hole on a night out up there then you really will need to save up :lol:

Anyway is she a real virgin or another one of these american virgins who have taken it up the arrse for the last 5 years just so they can say they're still a virgin, well a virgin with an arrsehold like a clowns pocket?
Anyone who was incredibly cynical (like me for example) would think it was some kind of advertising ploy for the bunny ranch....
Depreciation on that bint has to be worse than a brand new Porsche Cayenne ugly thing and an Alfa Romeo v6 put together! $3m one night - $80 one night later to scuttle her in a dirty alley somewhere


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Just go Muslim, blow yourself up and you will get 72 virgins :twisted: