Bid on my Snatch - and your first two guesses were wrong.

In aid of Holidays for Heros I'm willing to let one lucky person (or a whole family) play with my snatch, in fact you can keep it.

text below (and picture above) blatantly stolen from here

Snatch Takes 30 Seconds To Learn, And You'll Play It For Years!
Place the tiles face down and take turns to turn one over until a word can be made. If you see and say the word first, take it and put it in front of you, where it can be seen by all players. Keep turning the letters, but watch out, because now you can make new words from the centre, and from your opponents’ words, by adding letters. So your C-A-T might become their C-A-R-T, which might become someone else’s T-R-A-C-K. Play until all letters have been turned, and then start scoring - longer words give more points. The player with the most points wins. Snatch is presented in a novel tube format and is a great family word game!

Game tube size approx. 26cm x 5cm
Improves Confidence & Concentration
Ages 8 to Adult | Players 2 or more
auction ends Tuesday 14th April 2009 at midnight.
Did I mention that it was hardly used?
Hardly used?!? Healed up more like......
Do you mean your worn out, repaired, battered Landrover?
Words fail me.. :omfg: :omg:
Spanish_Dave said:
£15 cheap for snatch
£15 quid?

It costs more new - you tight arrse!!!!
I'll chuck in a packet of out of date Spunk too.

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