Bicycles as an act of war

If its 1944, Normandy - you need to look at "Why?".

It wasn't because it was a good idea. It was because they were desperately short of . . . everything.

If you're interested I can supply figures for the variety of make/nationality of motor vehicles in use among the Germans in 1944 Normandy.

Bikes: not an act of war.

And how did we get to 1944, on a thread about Victorian Cavalry?!?!?!?!
Good point, but it is an interestign topic in its own right.

I am not sure that the German lack of motor transport was necessarialy a bad thing.

The response from cycle mounted troops wasn't that slow.

The 346th infantry division based near Le Harvre are ordered to send a battlegroup to the Orne area on 6th June. They send a KG based on two cycle mounted battlaions. These are feeriesd across the Seine and into action near Varaville by Noon 7th June. These are the troops that gave 6th Ab Division a hard time on the Bois de Bavent. That isn't a bad response. It is only two hours later than the 12 SS which had considerably less far to travel and much faster than the six days it took for the 501st SS panzer battalion to reach the Villers Bocage area.

The lack of MT meant that the German had a higher proportion of troops in the line.

Over 3,000 men in a British Infantry Dividion were drivers.

We must have a great superiority of chauffeurs in the area?’.
Winston Churchill comment on the report that the allies had landed 18,000 softskinned vehicles in the Anzio bridgehead.

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