Bicep muscles?

Whats the best way to increase your bicep muscles?

and by the way if you wanna do press-ups to increase them how many should you roughly aim to do.
Do you want bigger biceps to impress the ladeez, or do you want stronger arms?

Press ups wont really help with biceps - typically you will be working your triceps, pecs and muscles in your shoulders and back. They are, however, an excellent exercise for general upper body strength. Aim to do three sets of maximum reps, and then drop to your knees and do 'girly' press-ups until you can't do any more. 'Max reps' means working to failure - the point were you can no longer complete the exercise without breaking form. It hurts, but unless you push yourself you will not make the maximum gains. Likewise, doing press ups on your kness straight after pushes your muscles even further, helping you develop stamina in addition to strength.

If you just want big arms then do bicep curls with heavy weights. Don't forget your triceps though, 2/3 of the upper arm is the tricep muscle so do plenty of dips. Or just accept that you are a pasty weed with a small knob.


Whats the best way to increase your bicep muscles?
Bicep Curls, Heaviest weight with low reps, say 5x5

and by the way if you wanna do press-ups to increase them how many should you roughly aim to do.
To improve pressups, just keep doing them, or try increasing upperbody by other means, heaves, dips, spot of weights, the no you have to do is dependant on which job your looking at doing in the army.
Since when does it matter what job you do in the army when taking account have how many reps you do ? yes nice one EDWARDS . You still want to go Para ?


recce-cpl said:
oh **** off boys this is an army website , get a life you will be talking about eyebrow waxing next . The only reason somebody wants to work biceps is because he is a vain puff who wants to impress . Get a life and work your whole body , if you are that vain you cannot be in the army yet , if that is true you will have a hard time when you do eventually join up .
Does anyone know the best way to decrease you cock size? Mines way too big and keeps getting in the way when I do press-ups :(
I've seen body builders with huge biceps but they were still soft as sh1te. Being able to lift a barbell and do bicep curls with it is not a useful skill. being able to carry a heavy object from a to b is but chances are you won't be doing it with your biceps.

Why do you want bigger biceps? Is it to look good or for a more practical reason such as.

Your grandma has knitted you a cardigan but the sleeves are too big?

You have found employment in the gay adult film industry and your first starring role will be 'Big Biceps Boris the Bottom Beaster'?

you have been asked to stick your arm in a hole in a dyke to stop a leak but your arm isn't quite as tight a fit as it could be?

They don't make ACF brassards small enough?
If you swap to your "off" hand for self-abuse, the corresponding bicep will soon catch up. :roll:
"Get implants, with a wee pump so that you can adjust them to your extra tight tshirt.
The girls will be queueing up to suck your jelly bean."

How do you know predator is a bloke?
A_team_lewis said:
That works for girls, don't discriminate or you'll be reported to the commission for sexual equality. Lasses can be wnakers too.
And with their capacity for multiple orgasms, I'm surprised they find time to do anything else. :wink:
that reminds me - I didn't see it but there was a story on the news couple of days ago about a woman wearing "electronic knickers" who fainted in Asda!
Predator said:
Whats the best way to increase your bicep muscles?

and by the way if you wanna do press-ups to increase them how many should you roughly aim to do.
There is a arm curl known as super 7 take a bar with added weight pull bar up fully 7xs then waist high 7x's then fully last time.

You will see results gaurnteed..

Most of it has been said, increase protein intake and reduce fat intake so they will look bigger and the protein will help with growth. Massive weights rep to failure if it is purely bulk and ultimate strength you want cut the reps right down to 4 or 5 before you fail. Triceps will grow quicker, significantly easier and larger than the bicep.

Exercises to get you started
Priest curls

Triceps pull down
Triceps Kick back

If you are struggling with press ups the best exercise to improve them is bench press but if it is so you can do lots of press up choose around 1/2 - 3/4 of your body weight and rep to failure for as m any sets as you can stand which should be a minimum of 3.

The Diet is the hardest thing about bodybuilding

Good luck
i love reading stuff like this lol biceps r a tiny fukin muscle group best way 2 increase size is increase overall body muscle weight n u dont have 2 hit biceps on there own u work the little fuker in a back workout, which to be honest is wot most of u guys shud b doing as u havent got a glue wot ur talking bout hence u will only b new 2 this stuff so nuttin else on the muscle will be needed. Dont say i dont cos im a personal trainer who trains body builders, but im joinin paras 31/07 yay! but if u want a bicep workout do this:
(Make sure muscle is warmd up n stretchd b4)

Standing barbell curls 3 - 5 sets / 8 reps
This exercise hits the belly of the bicep for max peak growth use all ur energy on this fuka.

Preacher curls 3 - 5 sets / 8 -10 reps
Slighty higer rep range on this for better pump 4 breakin down tissue, also keep movements slow n controld to hit all the fibres probally as u wudnt hav done with the standing curls.

Standing close grip barbell curls 3 - 5 sets / 8 reps
Close grip will hit your forearms a shit load n ull probs find it really hard 2 hold the bar, also hur hittin the biceps muscles in different ways each exercise.

Single arm seated very slow concentration between leg curls lol 3 drop sets / 10 reps
Drop sets mean u do 10 reps to failure lower the weight n do it again and again. The reason for doin this is to increase the blood in the muscle n burn it out, ur arms will feel like they gna explode if u dnt like it, get used 2 it!

Dats a sample workout of which i used 2 do but remember u gotta change ur workouts all the time ask sum1 who knows wot there talkin bout if u need help or e-mail me cheers guys
Oh try not to speak in text speak here on ARRSE . We are all adults. And who gives a damn if you are joining the Para's . Get in first then people may be a little more interested in you .


recce-cpl said:
Since when does it matter what job you do in the army when taking account have how many reps you do ? yes nice one EDWARDS . You still want to go Para ?
Well since you require different no's of reps for different jobs it does matter, i.e i think the standard for para regt on heaves at RSC is 10-12 while if you are going for a nurse it is most likely lower.

Yes i am still going para regt, i am on the same intake as Brodz.

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