Biccies - one man, one thread, one legend

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Apr 9, 2004.

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  1. Anyone heard from the old chap, the boards aren't the same without his condescending insults and baiting

    I miss him............ a bit
  2. He's tied up in my cellar. The big, black, barstool.
  3. what you run out of money to get the little ladyboys to give you a nosh in the backroom of your local gay bar?
  4. Cuntach, I'd love the honour of raping your arrse mate. I'd make you bleed, and bleed badly. Send us a PM next time your in Manchester, and we'll meet for a drink :wink: okay............
  5. Your hospitality is the same as ever gunny :D

    I'm on my way
  6. What, me and you do Cuntach up the arrse together? No thanks mate, I'll tackle this wannker myself, all the same. Sounds like an OTC tosspot anywhooooo. More mouth then service. I'll expand his butt by a few inches, then he can come on here and either stay quiet, or slag me off (and he'll then have my respect after I've 'touched him up').
  7. OTC think not, tosspot maybe :eek:

    And exactly what you plan on using to expand my hoop a few inches? Wouldn't be your todger, MDN was telling me that you were post op. :D
  8. Sussed you out. You ARE an OTC tosspot. Now, fcuk off back to the OTC thread, little boy, and come back when you have some service under your belt, you bullshitting little person.
  9. He's a septic mate

    A dirty stinking septic :D
  10. Gunny, let him go, its easter. Badass got an appointment on a hill with a hot cross bun.... :roll:
    and trust me the bun was well cross :wink:
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I hope he's ok.
  12. A SPAM----in the NAAFI!!!

    Beware he doesn't mistake your clearly marked pint of lager for one of the other types of beer!

  13. I know which glass to piiss in :lol: The one in front of the bloke who has a barstool stuck in his hoop. :eek:
  14. That'll be the US marine that is swearing blind tht the US won the crusades, the war of the roses and was the "brother of the guy that new a guy" that fired the fatal arrow against King Harold

    If Ctauch, as a yank, mentioned bar stools and arses, what it really means is wood splinters and skin pores
  15. No because if I meant wood splinters and skin pores I would have said; "GH's prosthetic todger in Aunty's arse" 8O