Biblical Sandstorm in Iraq

Sand storm in Al asad

Anyone see this live?

Sanstorm in Iraq

I have someone across there sending me pics and will post them soon



That is pretty damned impressive. I lived in the Gulf for nearly 24 years and never saw such a sized thing come in. There were a few big sand storms but that takes the buscuit! I hope you're able to post your mate's pics here A_S, I look foward to seeing them.

Sorry they aint that big but the ones i got were bmp and were huge. I will try to increase them slightly but im conscious of bandwidth.


I was unfortunate to experience some sand storms in Kuwait, but feck me, they were never as big as that! BTW does anyone else think "Sand Storm" is a misnomer as it was more like a choking dust. Some lads even put their respirators on.
A Biblical sandstorm is one thing but at least they've been spared a plague of Frogs. Or Germans. :D
I will try. I have about 15 of them (some are quite similar) but im at work just now and have a pile of work i should have done last week but thanks to cpl-ripper et al, i have been bellyaching it for the last week.

Will keep you updated.

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