Bi-Weekly rubbish collection

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Detonator, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. Dont be a fanny, I've kept bags of human poo in my bergan for longer!

  2. Yes. Grotty council fcuks. My suggestion is below....

  1. Having just cut my mit open trying to force some sideboard edging into a fezzing two week old bin of gash with flies buzzing around me I've had enough of our graft dodging council.

    Sensible and otherwise suggestions on how to bring about change please!

    Vive la revolution!
  2. 'Fraid all i can offer is advice on how you should do it.

    1. Compact your gash before you bin it.
    2. Ensure that plastic bottles do not have their lids on when ditched.
    3. Recycle all glass bottles/jars.
    4. Do not use bare hands to force more stuff into the bin, stand in the bin and stamp it down.
    5. Do not use bare feet whilst stamping down the gash in your bin.
    6. Freeze all food scraps that will rot, and only bin them when you put the bin out.
    7. Ensure that nothing with your name and address, or other identifiable personal data goes into your kitchen bin, then ditch it at work whenever full.
  3. Move to Aldershot.

    They had a trial, listened to the people, who said that it was a non starter. So they stopped it.

    Now they have announced that they are going to change the bins to smaller ones. I am struggling to see the sense in that, as surely they'll be collecting as much..............
  4. It seems much more can be recycled in Aldershot: all plastics, but no glass.
    Here, in Purbeck, it is the opposite: glass, but no plastic.
  5. Fcuking hell! I'd rather go and post it through the council's letterbox.

    I like the idea about ditching it at work though. Top tip.

    Thats the thing with these weigh your gash proposals some places are talking about, all that will happen is mass fly-tipping.

    Guru, what a suprise eh? What they give with one hand... :x
  6. Yep, same up here in Sefton. Used to have the black bag weekly, now its the grey & green bins(never used) fortnightly. Have become an expert in 'compacting' ie. when half full get in bin, jump up and down until a fraction of size, heavy work boots does the trick!!

    Otherwise i just go down the tip with black bags! they never ask whats in them!!
  7. Council tried it on, then lost the election. Tories stood on the fact that they would go back to weekly collection. When in the first thing they did when voted in was sack the contractor and go back to weekly collections. They've also gripped the police (Chavs off the streets) and cleaned up all the graffetti too.
  8. Not much use if it has your address on it. Crosscut shred everything or shred normally and burn it.

    In a small town I lived in a few years ago, (USA), they instituted recycling but we had to take our recyclables, (everything - paper, glass, plastic), to the local recycling center which wasn't bad since it was a very small town. I went on holiday and missed a collection then, for some reason, generated a ton of rubbish the next week so my bin was brimming when I put it out on trash day. Imagine my surprise when I got home to find the bill was still chockers...

    There was this little red sticker on the side warning me that I had thrown out a recyclable... Upon checking I had mistakenly thrown away an empty can of dog food. So, now I was stuck with a a dustbin full of trash with another weeks worth yet to be generated and nowhere to put it. Needless to say I was fucking livid. That night I upped the bin, walked it round to the Mayor's house, dumped it all out on his doorstep and placed the sticker in his letter box, (there was the crap from my two German Shepherds in that bin too and it was all pretty rank by then 8) ).

    The next week the paper said that the practice of refusing trash that had recyclables in was being rescinded and in future the recyclables found would simply be left by the bin... Result... :D
  9. How would you know if it had your name and address on it, as you clearly have difficulty reading? That must be why you shred everything.
  10. We still have the weekly black bin collection on a Monday. All recycling (less glass which we have to take to a centre) goes in a clear bag which is also collected on a Monday. No checks on the bags and no limit to amount that can be collected. We also live in a town controlled by a Tory council and with a Tory MP (ex Army)!

    [serious tip]

    Get yourself a compost compactor. All our vegetable waste, grass cuttings and newspapers goes into that and gets tamped down. It takes about a year before you get some decent compost out the bottom but its worth it when you do ... as well as cutting your rubbish output down by about a third.

    [/serious tip]

    [not so serious tip]

    Any excess gash, particularly the ridiculous amount of packaging that manufacturers/supermarkets insist on using should be bagged seperately and returned to the shop/supermarket from whence the product was purchased!

    [/not so serious tip]
  11. Never mind... It sounded like you were keeping personal data stuff out of the home trash and taking it to work to ditch there... Having reread it I see what you meant... It can be read both ways... :oops:
  12. Don't you mean bi-monthly?
  13. Whats wrong with "fortnightly" ... or is that an Imperial measurement and therefore banned by Brussels?
  14. whats wrong with a 3weekly cycle ? i.e 2weeks household rubbish then on 3rd week collect garden/plastic/paper/metals. Mind you, after the collection operatives have been around there is more rubbish laying arounddue to them spilling the containers.
  15. Is it legal to just burn all your own rubbish in your back garden ?