Thinking of taking a holiday in Bhutan; anybody been? Any good? How does it compare with Nepal?

This was given to me by a group of 20 delegates who came to Bangkok for training just before Christmas. They were lovely people and I am looking forward to going there soon, I hope. The whisky wasn't too bad with a mixer, either!
I haven't been, so can't help you with first hand experience. They love archery, so there's a good point to start from. Also, I wouldn't mention Nepal while i was there, because there is a bit of an issue re immigration. More details on Wiki Bhutanese refugees - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
If I was going, I would try to get on to the mountains here first, to get used to the altitude.
You probably have the newspaper link, but just in case you don't, here you go KuenselOnline | Bhutan's Daily Newspaper
Hope you have a good holiday, looking forward to seeing a pic of you at an archery competition.
I live in Shimla, northern India. I live here because us gets very very very very Hot in the summer further south. The Climate of Bhutan is similar to Shimla it being about 600 to 700 miles to the east.

First its is not that easy getting into Bhutan, as they limit tourist numbers, and you have to spend $200 a day but if you are prepared to go with a tour company this wont be a problem. You can of course go on foot so to speak in which case you can bribe you way into the country [they dont mind tourists doing their own thing once in the country]. However if you plan to do that, you need to understand that Sikkim [Indian territory next to Bhutan and to which you have to travel through to get to Bhutan], is forbidden territory by the Indian Government to tourists due to the problems it has with Burma and the refugees.

However again the dollar speaks wonders. A rider here I have never visited the place not Sikkim, nor have I any desire to any time soon, so please dont assume I am some sort of oratorical all things India or Bhutan.

The Mountains are famous and stunning and its what most people come to see, apart from the History of the Country. The women are stunning in a Chinese sort of way [if thats your thing] and if they are like Indian Girls, friendly to single male tourists with dollars.

However, Shimla and the surroundings area is just as stunning as Bhutan and is much more used to Western tourists and not as expensive. Its on level with the Himalayas and quite close to Nepal and has the Holy Mother [Mt Everest].

What ever you choose to do and BTW Lonely Planet do a good guide to the country and the Student Travel people in the UK probably cater best for the independent tourist, you will have a great time and meet people who are some of the friendliest on earth.


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Quick Google. I don't think you're going to get much change from £4k pp if you book it from the UK, you can probably knock a grand off that if you do the legwork yourself. I looked at it a while back and it was just too damn expensive - $250pp Per Day tax. That and I have now seen enough Buddhist temples to last a reincarnated lifetime.
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