Bhutan criticises WTO

The Prime Minister of Bhutan, a far away place about whose people we know very little, has had the timerity to criticise the World Trade Organisation. It appears that Bhutan is about to join it, but has reservations. I liked this bit:
"... This was because its rules, regulations and principles promote all those things that make life unsustainable. “It promotes materialism, leads to rapid depletion of our finite resources, and leads to activities and rules that undermine culture and entity,” he said..."

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As Robert Burns said: Oh would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us.
(Oh would some power the gift to give us to see ourselves as others see us.)
He has a point. The WTO would be better named 'The US and her allies' Trade Organisation. It's been run as a club where you have to play by their rules if you want to join. Inevitably, it reflects the prevalent theories and ethos of the west.

As the balance of economic power shifts to being more evenly weighted twixt east and west, it's going to have to adapt or risk becoming an irrelevance.
Whilst it's certainly fairly heavily slanted towards western countries, didn't the US lose a rather major case with the WTO not that long ago over gambling IIRC?


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The WTO's creed is that free trade is good, whilst its primary movers in the west practice protectionism where it suits and ignores the need of smaller or poorer countries to protect nascent industry from being overwhelmed by imports. Sometimes, and I say this as a confirmed libertarian, protectionism is good.


Bhutan has one of the fastest growing economies in the world - not bad when all they export is wooden oraments and cardomon pods..... :D

Gordon should pay attention :lol:

P.S. Bhutan has nothing to do with lighter fuel despite popular opinion :)

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