Bhut Jolokhia Chilllies - Not Just For Cooking

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mr_Fingerz, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. When I was in secondary school, as the skinny, nerdy kid with glasses, who sucked in sports, but was good in physics and chemistry, I had a problem with some bullies, who outclassed me on the physical side (means I stood no chance against them, especially since their prefered mode of attack wasn´t one to one, but lots against one).
    somehow I got myself a copy of a 1960s textbook for the urban guerilla (IIRC it was called "The Poor Man´s James Bond", and had nice building instructions for incindaries, bombs and improvised firearms, today I think you´ll get a visit from the police should you mailorder a copy). Anyway, one chapter was about irritants, with an interesting recipe to be copied by a 16 year old. So I went to the local Asian grocery and got myself a bag of the hottest dried chilis they had. I ground them up in a mortar and then put them into a coffee filter. I heated up methylated spirits and poured it over the chilies, again and again, until I had a highly concentrated solution of capsicain. This stuff was so bad just sniffing on the bottle made your eyes water. I filled it into a toy water pistol and carried it in my pocket (I had a knife and a homemade kosh in my other pocket. I really had enough of the bullies and had my mind set that next time they attacked, there would be blood, no matter what the odds.
    I think I was lucky that at about the same time the bullying stopped (one or two kingpins failed their school grades and had to leave the school), else I might have ened up in jail for manslaughter or worse.
  3. became a back room hooker....'shaved your legs along the way, and said 'Hey Boy, take a walk on the wildside'
  4. Three weapons, Mr Thug-Life? How many hands do you have?
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  5. I know, looking back it is pathetic. But I was really p#ssed off back then and, in any case, the knife was supposed to be the final backup.