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  1. Come on cough up who's watching Britains Got Talent?
  2. Yes, I'm not.
  3. I am
    and the Welsh boys were good, llech might not agree as he's a northern type.
  4. It's on in the background whilst I'm on ARRSE.
  5. Haha I actually laughed when I read that.
  6. No subo yet though. Alesha Dixon is looking hot i must say I'd spend a full 30 seconds on that given the chance.
  7. The poet and the dancer are legendary!!
  8. **** it gets more bizarre!
    theres a boxhead dressed like an oven ready turkey singing.

  9. No too be fair they were very good, singing my faviroute song Calon Lan. Shame about being taffies mind! ;-)
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  10. That last girl had a good set of chebs for 16.
  11. Her sister was a bit rough mind!
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  12. Are they not 'all' rough on these shit Saturday night crap excuses for tv?

    I see Auntie has another shit version called 'The Voice'
  13. It's shit really really really really weeeeely shit
  14. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    I was forced by The Scarey One to watch "The Voice" and then some nonce host "in It To Win It"... headphones on and Arrse on my laptop. "The Voice".. what a load of crap... and we have to pay for it with our licence fee.
  15. Yes, quite.