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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by tsar_Nikolas, Sep 27, 2005.

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  1. Imagine my joy when I discovered one of the treadmills at the gym would allow me to do the Army BFT (as well as the Navy and Marine one. I skipped the marine one, it was an extra KM!). However, I was annoyed when at the end of the test, it simply said : Score 90. What does 90 mean?!

    Also, can anyone tell me what a GOOD BFT time would be?
  2. Depends on a lot of factors. Let's say you are 20 years old and the BFT is to be run at 2 pm on a weekday after a light morning in the vehicle sheds or on trade training. You don't beat 9.30 - you are a cnut. The end. Let's say you are a mid twenties Cpl or a 30 something Sgt, and the BFT is to be run at 7am on a Thursday, the morning after a Wednesday sports afternoon degenerated into a JNCOs -v- SNCOs darts, pool 'n' drinking extravaganza down the mess. You are running the BFT with your subordinates and/or trainees. They are all 19 and were not on the pop due to the lateness of the date i.e. not quite payday. You'd better still get 9 mins or you are an even bigger cnut. In fact, unless you have an injury or are training with a lot of bergen weight (which does for some reason slow your BFT time), you are a cnut if you can't do 9 mins or less.

    The above is based on 1997 BFT of 1.5 mile warm up in 15 mins and then the same course as fast as poss, in lightweights and boots 'cos our PT bloke was old fashioned. I don't know about birds times, most of them were chubby and on the sick when I was in, less a few gifted athletes. I used to quite like running behind the ladies, especially when they got issued them lycra shorts.
  3. Is that like a BCFT?

    Double waaaahhhh
  4. Above 70 is a green and a pass so 90 is a