Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Spanish_Dave, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    To those old and bold, do you remember that day, you know the one, they took boots and denims and threw the out the window and trainers and sports kit in for the BFT, twas the worst day of my life as I knew it :lol:
  2. Boots Combat High, Lightweights, and then suddenly it was trainers and Ron Hills - What happened!
  3. Only poofs, AAC and nonces wear trainers for a BFT, real men, like me wore boots for the whole of our Army Life but men was men and there was 6 marks to the pound in them days..... :wink:
  4. Boots DMS and Puttees for real soldiers :D
  5. I often wonder just how many Toms ended up with lower leg probs after the introduction of BCH?
  6. a mate said that after years and years of the criticised DMS boot , when he changed to BCH his achilles was fooked along with many of his oppos.
  7. Erm, I must have missed something? Has the BFT changed? Only asking as I've avoided mine for the past 18 years or so and got told this morning I have to do one - is it trainers now then?
  8. Before joining, as a civvie I was at college doing one of the "Pre-Service" type courses, we used to have to do BFT's in Boots / Lightweights and 58 Pattern webbing! (Our instructor was ex RM) - but then it made it a lot easier then I joined up, and then found I didn't need to wear the webbing anymore.
  9. Why were you wearing Stockings and Suzzies for a BFT? - sorry I just saw the RM part :twisted:

    Ah the taxi is here!
  10. All the RBL claims of knackered knees are purely coincidental.
  11. In the days of boots + puttees you never heard of 'shin splints' which apeared as the latest designer whinge around the same time as trainers were introduced!
  12. I thought that at the time too. When I was diagnosed with CP I changed my mind. Running in boots does destroy your knees if you do it regularly. Personally I see nothing wrong with vigorous fitness training, but it is kind of self-defeating if it causes long term injuries. Make it constructive.
  13. Twenty years on my knees are fracked and I have the scars from my shin splint operations, good job I am in an office!!!!
  14. Denim strides, ammo boots and gaiters (with elastics) for really, really

    real soldiers. Oh, and twelve D. Marks to the Pound. :D :D

    Mind you, we did not get many Pounds in those days.
  15. No. It's diving boots.