BFT in Boots and Lightweights?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sudafed, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. Now that we have the BFT back on track after all the failed years of the softly softly approach and BPFA, should we now have a campaign to bring back the BFT being run in boots? I can never remember seeing anyone soldiering in Helmand wearing New Balance and Nike Shorts. No doubt some will bleet about 'injuries' and all that BX..
  2. As someone who has shagged knees from years of running in boots, of course I'm going to bleet about it!
  3. That'll sort the wheat from the chaff . . .
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    Last time I did a BFT in boots was Blandford 1998. That lovely run from the cinema to Engineers Corner and back. Didn't have a problem with 3 mile round trip. Both of my knees are shagged now, is there a need to do it in boots?
  5. The entire Army of five decades past should have 'shagged knees' according to some. Bx.
  6. Whats softly softly about it? You fail, you get one more chance and then a medical. If theres nothing physically wrong you get thrashed on remidials I fail to see whats so soft about that. The PFT isnt suppossed to simulate battlefield conditions, its a test of cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Boots are for CFT's.

    Maybe if you took your rose tinted glasses off and thought about it, maybe theres a reason they changed the BFT. Perhaps all the "bleating" about "injuries" wasnt "BX" afterall.

    And if you stop and think what the blokes on the ground are achieving in Iraq/afghan I dont think theres much credence in the claim that the British Army is somehow worse off without the old BFT.
  7. Applying that logic, we should be doing it in full kit and weapons with someone firing 7.62 short over our heads.

    I can see the British 2012 Olympic team soon losing interest in being accommodated in Aldershot if that catches on?!!
  8. Ask any decent Physio what they think about a BFT in boots,on a hard surface,the answer is always WTFF,go ahead if you want shite leg joints in later life.

    It's not 5 decades,came in later 70's,brainchild of Maj.Gen. "Monkey" Blacker. RMP. The turd finalised,all the age related timings,and signed them off,2 weeks before his retirement,the word a***hole springs to mind.

    If you want a real laugh,go to a civvy athletics club,and see how well trained athletes do at their first attempt in boots.
  9. Boots on a hard surface is alaways going to be a difficult one, the Doc always puts running on a hard surface in trainers as something to avoid. THe PFT in trainers and the CFT in boots is a good balance IMHO. I'm not sure about the age/gender balance though.
  10. It's a PFT!
  11. I thought that was what I said?
  12. Go on then, I will show my age . . . :wink:

    Why not bring back the old "Ten Mile Bash", where a troop of soldiers marched together carrying pack and gun, then fire ten rounds at the end of it, as opposed to boots and lightwieght's and run like rabbits and as individuals, NOT as a team together!

    [/b]Bring back the 10 Mile Bash!
  13. I didn't see any problem doing it in boots (I even had puttees flapping in the wind!) Personally I thought it was bollocks about it doing your knees in, I'm now in my 40's and have never had any probs so far and I'm still clocking over a 1000 miles a year running, the only thing sore is the chaffing of my fatter arse cheeks!
  14. I am a bit older than j-d and have no problems with my knees either,and I walk about 9 or 10 miles a day 6 days a week,maybe I am lucky
  15. I dont think it makes any difference - its all about attitude, not fitness anyway !!